20 Vegan Running Shoes

01. WVSport Oakes Cross Running Trainers

Price Range: $138.00

With the black WVSport Oakes Cross Running Trainers you’ll get vegan Lyliane 3DMX materials for the uppers, Vibram rubber injection outsoles, and removable EVA insoles for the perfect fit and grip. The running trainers are durable, robust, abrasion-resistant, and can sustain wear and tear. The pair has been designed to keep your feet comfortable as you run along the rough terrains and burn some calories.  You must not worry about losing grip on the ground or hurting your feet when on the go. The running shoes come in sizes from 7 to 13.

02. Felix Vegan Running Shoes | Pink

Price Range: $170.45

The pink Felix vegan running shoes are made with high-grade vegan suede, rubber soles, cotton laces, and a microfiber lining for a stylish and breathable fit.The running shoes have antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet fresh throughout the day. The unisex shoes are made in Portugal and can be paired with jeans or long dresses. A range of colors has been added for women who love statement footwear that is super comfy and reliable. The running shoes come in sizes from 36 to 46.

03. Primus Trail II All Weather FG Men’s

Price Range: $180.00

These charcoal Primus Trail II all-weather FG running shoes are made of recycled plastics and mesh textiles for breathability. The insole is cut to suit the shape of the foot for a natural fit. This ensures that the running shoes are stable as you pick up pace and race through the terrains. The shoes have been designed to be durable and suit all weather conditions. The running shoes are lightweight, flexible, and versatile. The running shoes come in sizes from 7 to 15.

04. Lace Up Trainers

Price Range: $60.00

These navy mix lace-up trainers are made with Tencel fibers, which are antibacterial, vegan, and foot-friendly. The trainers are ergonomically designed to support fast movement while ensuring that your feet are comfortable. The running shoes are breathable and fit true to size. However, the company recommends buying half a size smaller for the perfect fit that prevents dust and mud from entering inside. The running shoes are practical, stylish, and a great choice for regular use. The running shoes come in sizes from 3 to 8.

05. Hylo Run Two

Price Range: $135.00

These Hylo Athletics Corn Runners make a great companion for running on the roads or hitting the gym. These are super comfy and lightweight, so you can wear them for hours without getting blisters. The best thing about these shoes is that they are recyclable, so you can send them back to the company once they are worn out. 

These shoes come in multiple colors and sizes, from UK 3 to UK 9.

06. Primus Trail Knit FG Mens

Price Range: $190.00

The Primus Trail Knit FG men’s shoes are for all those adventure maniacs who love hitting rough terrains. This pair will keep your feet protected from rocks and bumps no matter where your walk takes you. Moreover, the knitted upper promotes breathability and flexibility. 

They come in two colors and sizes, US 7 to US 15.

07. Dekkan Alveomesh Tent Pierre Purple

Price Range: $170.00

The Dekkan Alveomesh Tent Pierre by the Veja Store is a high-performance shoe that’s perfect for all your outdoor activities. This pair of shoes has a comfortable and vibrant resistant sole that will keep your feet safe and comfortable. Plus, the soles are made of completely waterproof material, so you can run or walk on muddy terrain with no problem. 

You can get these shoes in sizes 36-46.

08. WVSport Recycled Freedom Trainers

Price Range: $112.00

Looking for comfy shoes, you can wear at training sessions and in your everyday life? We’ve got you covered. The WVSport Recycled Freedom trainers are designed to go with you everywhere. The shoes have a mesh knit upper cut for enough breathability and to keep your feet cool while you sweat out at the gym. 

You can buy these vegan shoes in sizes EU 40 to EU 47. Also, you get three color choices for the mesh knit.

09. Cloudflow Wide

Price Range: $139.99

CloudFlow Wide vegan running shoes are the next best thing you can add to your fitness wear collection. With a wide fit that’s lightweight and comfortable, you won’t tire or strain your feet even when you run for a long time. Furthermore, the mesh material on the top allows your feet to breathe, reducing sweating and irritation. 

The Cloudflow wide shoes are made of 70% recycled material and 20% polyester. They are available in sizes 40 to 49.


10. Rover Women’s RB9X® GTX – Black/SlateGrey

Price Range: $199.74

Rover’s RB9X® GTX shoes are designed for all weather conditions, so you don’t have to cancel your running or hiking sessions when it’s pouring outside. The soles have a stable grip to prevent slipping on muddy or rocky terrains. Additionally, the RB9X rubber compound provides excellent traction both on dry and wet surfaces. 

These shoes come in three colors and size 36 to 42.

11. Women’s Endorphin Pro 2

Price Range: $200.00

Women’s Endorphin Pro 2 by Saucony is there to keep you going no matter how far the finish line is. The shoes have an ultralight PWRRUN PB and carbon filter plate that keep your feet well supported so you can focus on your trail without any discomfort. 

Choose from eight different colors and sizes from 5 to 12.

12. Adrenaline GTS 21

Price Range: $130.00

Grab these Adrenaline GTS 21 that have supreme comfort and added stiffness to support each stride. It has soft cushioning, a secure fit, and smart support that’ll keep your feet super comfortable. 

The width options are narrow, wide, medium, and extra-wide, and the sizes range from 5 to 13.

13. Men’s Rincon 3

Price Range: $120.00

Hoka’s lightweight running shoe features mesh uppers for breathability, a signature HOKA cushioned midsole, high-abrasion rubber zones for superior traction, and a slim tongue for a lightweight feel. Thanks to such great manufacturing techniques, the shoes are even more sturdy, so they’ll last you a long time, even during rough runs.

These come in sizes 7-16, and you get to pick from eight colors.

14. Catalyst Arctic/Blk

Price Range: $130.00

These Catalyst Arctic/Blk shoes have light NRG foam and an XPS+ plating system, which makes them perfect for running and training. It has open weave air mesh for ventilation, collar tongue lacing for a secure fit, and a sculpted sole for responsive performance. 

They’re vegan and come in sizes M3.5-M15.

15. Ghost 14

Price Range: $140.00

The Ghost 14 by Brooks will accompany you during all your walking or running sessions. The smoother and softer finish will keep your feet stable and comfortable. Additionally, the advanced cushioning technology ensures you complete your ride without any pain. 

You can pick these from sizes 7 to 15 and in multiple shades.

16. 360 – Men

Price Range: $119.99

Want a pair of durable and comfortable cross-training shoes? Look no further. The 360-Men by XeroShoes is just right for that. It has a high-traction sole and rope-gripping rubber inlays designed to withstand rough terrain. 

The shoes are 100% vegan-friendly and are available in sizes 6.5 to 15. You also get three colors to pick from.

17. SDU RT Alveomesh Black White Kaki

Price Range: $125.00

Adding the SDU RT Aveomesh Black White Kaki shoes to your running shoe collection is a must. This shoe has a mesh upper for breathability, a robust sole for extra security, and extra cushioning to keep your feet comfy while you run. 

These come in sizes from W5 to M12.

18. Marlin Lt V Knit Brittany Oxford Grey

Price Range: $180.00

Get these Marlin LT V knit shoes, and you’ll be ready to keep up when you want to go the extra mile. It has a light build quality so that your feet do not feel heavy even after the longest running session. 

They’re made of 100% recycled polyester and come in sizes ranging from W5 to M12.5.

19. Cloudsurfer 6

Price Range: $149.99

Here are the Cloudsurfer 6 sixth-generation running shoes that look super stylish and provide maximum comfort. We designed these shoes to support you on your ultimate ride of 5k to a marathon. 

They’re made of 80% polyester and 20% recycled material. Get them in sizes from 5 to 11.

20. Condor 2 Alveomesh White Pierre

Price Range: $170.00

Last but not least, the Condor 2 Alvoemesh White Pierre shoes are designed to keep you comfortable whether you’re running a short distance or going for a long run. These petroleum running shoes combine maximum comfort and make you feel secure while you hit the track. 

They’re made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. These come in sizes from W5 to W9.