35 Vegan Boots

01. Work Boots

Price Range: $132.00

The boots are made with vegan leather derived from plants, recycled rubber insoles, and rubber outsoles. The boots have brushed metal eyelets and speed hooks to add to the design. The material is water-resistant while allowing your feet to breathe. The boots are sturdy and suitable for tough outdoors. The insole cushions the foot and provides a steady balance as you walk on the hard ground. The boots are structural and have a stunning finish. Pair them with formal or informal wear. The vegan boots come in sizes from 5 to 10.

02. Marta Bordeaux – Ankle Boot With A Block Heel

Price Range: $119.00

Marta Bordeaux Ankle Boots with a block heel are made of ecological microfiber, paperboard agglomerate, microfiber lining, and rubber outsole for a breathable, antibacterial fit. The boots have an anti-allergic lining also made of microfiber to keep your feet safe and comfortable for long hours. The boots have a nickel zipper on the side so that you can easily remove them anytime. The women’s boots come with a small block heel that adds to their stylish design. The curvy pointed toe makes the boots sexy and sassy. Pair them with your favorite outfit and flaunt your boots at various events. The vegan boots come in sizes from 5 to 10.

03. Hedy W/ Add-On Accessory

Price Range: $398.00

These vegan boots feature vegan calf leather, Tencel lining, YKK Natulon zipper, and resin-coated rubber insoles in a glamorous yet savvy design. The women’s boots come with a block heel and reversible ankle strap. The sharp pointed toe is chic and attractive. The boots come with zippers on the side and can be worn in three different ways to suit the occasion, outfit, and mood. These stylish boots have been named after Hey Lamarr, the first woman inventor and the face behind the modern communication system. The boots are sophisticated, sleek, and versatile. The vegan boots come in sizes from 5 to 11.

04. The Limited Edition Allegra Weekend Boot

Price Range: $198.00

These limited edition Allegra weekend boots use 98% virgin plastic-free nylon, 45% recycled natural rubber soles, and water-based vegan glue. The boots are made in Portugal and fit true to size. The design is sporty, casual, and sturdy. The boots are perfect for the outdoors, whether you go on a trail, walk through the parks, or enjoy the lakeside. The eco-friendly boots are water-resistant, slip-resistant, and can be comfortable for day-long use. The vegan boots come in sizes from 36 to 46.

05. Franky

Price Range: $495.00

Natural-python effect Franky boots are made with 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane for the outter, 64% polyurethane, 36% viscose for the lining, and 50% synthetic rubber, 40% mineral composts, 10% additives for the sole. The boots are made by artisans in Italy and have been designed for all occasions. The boots have a one-inch heel and a curved point toe. The pattern is glitzy and perfect for those who love a splash of glitter in their outfits. Designed in Italian sizing, the boots fit true to size and keep your feet comfortable. The modern cut-out boots are flirty and foot-friendly. The vegan boots come in sizes from 6 to 13.

06. Vim Black – Men’s

Price Range: $120.44

The black Vim Men’s boots are made using rubberized organic cotton canvas with a foot pillow made with coconut fiber and latex foam in a comfortable, durable design. The boots have been designed in Sri Lanka and keep the feet fresh and breathable throughout the day. The water-resistant boots allow for air circulation so that your feet won’t get sweaty after wearing the boots for long hours. The natural latex foam cushions the feet and makes these boots a perfect choice for men who prefer comfy and natural footwear. The solvent-free boots are casual and come in a minimalistic design. The vegan boots come in sizes from 41 to 46.

07. Lucky High Top Vegan Western Boots | White Veg Leather

Price Range: $200.16

With a microfiber upper, an elastomer sole, and wood heels, these white Lucky high top vegan western boots are super comfy. The western boots come with a bigger fit so that your feet and legs don’t get squished inside. The boots are sturdy, durable, and water-resistant. The microfiber lining is antibacterial and allows your feet to breathe. Made in Portugal, the boots have a pointy toe and a feminine cut. They’ve been designed for women who love to flaunt their style with ease. The women’s boots are savvy and hot. Pair them with your favorite outfit. The vegan boots come in sizes from 36 to 42.

08. Ida Black Faux Leather Ankle Boots

Price Range: $310.80

Ida faux leather ankle boots are made with 100% recycled faux leather for a stylish fit. The boots are handmade in Spain and are a great choice for several occasions. You can wear the boots from autumn to summer and keep your feet comfortable in cold weather conditions. The boots can be paired with jeans, dresses, and winter coats. The women’s boots come with a small one-inch heel and a soft curvy tip. The boots protect the ankles and end around the lower part of the calves. The vegan boots come in sizes from 35 to 43.

09. Step Up Msh

Price Range: $140.00

SetUP’s new msh chukka boots are made from 100% handwoven fabrics, with recycled tire soles for a comfortable and light fit. The boots are handcrafted in Ethiopia. They come in a trendy and rugged design and are suitable for indoors and outdoors. The ergonomic boots are eco-friendly and fashionable. Size up if you wear half sizes. The vegan boots come in sizes from 6 to 14.

10. Vegan Unisex Boots Claudia & Claudio Nappa

Price Range: $204.73

This new pair of brown Claudia & Claudio Nappa boots has a micronappa upper, rubber soles, and padding on the instep for a casual fit. The boots can be worn by anyone who prefers lightweight, durable, and water-repelling footwear during the cold seasons. You can pair the boots with jeans and dresses. They are best suited for outdoor use. The boots stay dry and warm even in wet conditions and keep your feet fresh. The tiny heels and the thick soles add style and stability to the boots. You’ll love the feel of wearing these boots on hiking trails. These dependable boots are robust and deliver high performance. The vegan boots come in sizes from 35 to 48

11. Chelsea Block Heel Ankle Boots

Price Range: $77.50

With a stylish and modern design, these new chocolate Chelsea block heel ankle boots are made with vegan-friendly materials. The women’s boots come with Insolia® technology to ensure that your feet feel comfy throughout the day. The boots are suitable for cold and wet weather conditions and keep your feet nice and warm. The elasticated panels make it easy to wear and remove the boots. The block heel works well with the design and adds a subtle feminine touch. Pair the boots with casual or formal outfits. The vegan boots come in sizes from 3 to 8.

12. Pacer Boot – Waltz

Price Range: $335.00

Waltz Pacer boots are made with recycled fabric and bungee cord laces in a trendy design. The chunky block heel makes the boots sassy and hot. The top of the boots can be folded like a sock to suit the outfit. These women’s handmade boots are crafted in Los Angeles and come with an almond curved front tip. What’s more, the boots have double-lined orthopedic foam so that your feet wouldn’t hurt even when you spend long hours on your feet. The boots are suitable for formal and informal occasions. The vegan boots come in size 7.

13. Pallafin Hi – Palladium + Finisterre

Price Range: $169.00

The grey Pallafin Hi-Palladium+ Finisterre boots are made with vegan-friendly materials and recycled rubber pads for extra comfort. The adventure boots have been designed for people who love to explore the rough terrain and spend quality time with nature. The boots are waterproof and have been designed to keep your feet comfy for long hours. The lightweight unisex boots are sturdy, reliable, supportive, and versatile. The vegan boots come in sizes from 3.5 to 12.

14. Mulhacen Mid Boot Woman

Price Range: $165.92

These brown Mulhacen high-rise boots for women are made with 50% recycled polyester, 50% recycled cotton, and bluesign® approved fabrics that are comfortable and dependable. The lightweight boots have a sporty look and spiky outsole that provides a good grip on surfaces. The company logo is at the back of the boots and adds a touch of color. The boots are suitable for outdoor use, though you can wear them for indoor games and fun activities. The vegan boots come in sizes from 36 to 41.

15. Winter Barefoot Women’s Winter Boots

Price Range: $178.64

With the Ahinsa Winter Barefoot women’s boots, your feet will stay toasty no matter where you are. With an inner fur lining and a special insole, these keep the cold out. Furthermore, the special membrane doesn’t sweat or moisten your feet even if you wear it for a long time. 

You can get these boots in sizes 36-45, and they’re 100% vegan.

16. Ayita 2.0 Vegan Desert Boots | Brandy

Price Range: $194.90

The Ayita 2.0 vegan dessert boots look incredibly stylish, and they keep your feet warm from the cold. These are waterproof, have a long-lasting rubber sole, and have a microfiber lining and cotton laces. 

They are 100% vegan and come in sizes EU36-EU46. 

17. WVSport Waterproof Country Boots

Price Range: $145.65

WVSport waterproof boots are the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. No matter what you’re walking in – mud, water, slush, or snow – these won’t wear off easily. Vegan boots like these promise utmost comfort, so you won’t get blisters.

18. Stevie Heeled Clog

Price Range: $140.00

Get your hands on the Stevie Heeled Clog boots that look super stylish and trendy. Cool, casual style makes it a great pair to wear with whatever you’re wearing. This shoe has a suede upper and synthetic leather lining with padded insoles and wooden midsoles.

19. Denver Vegan Rain Boots

Price Range: $110.00

This pair of classic black boots is a must-have for your shoe closet. There’s a perforated toe cap and an elastic gore, and it’s made of waterproof recycled material. You can wear it with your dresses or denim pants to ace that casual look. 

You can get these Denver boots in sizes 36-41.

20. Elsa Camel Faux Suede Flat Boots

Price Range: $313.94

Elsa camel faux suede flat boots are perfect for those days when your feet need a little extra warmth. It has a chunky sole and a faux shearling lining, so your feet will be protected even when it’s snowing. 

The boots have a faux suede upper and faux shearling lining made from 100% recycled materials. They come in sizes from EU35 to EU43.

21. Halestorm

Price Range: $140.00

The Halestorm boots by Astral Designs look stylish, feel comfortable, and have a great function. The outsole is made of Trail GripTM, and it’s covered in WeatherGuard shields from bottom to top, so it’s great even in the rain. 

These boots are made of 77% hemp and 23% recycled polyester. They come in sizes M5 to M14.

22. Aviator 2 Boots

Price Range: $159.00

These cool Aviator 2 boots are there to accompany you everywhere you go. These shoes are made with vegan leather from Italy that’s very durable and comfortable. Wear yours with denim pants or mini dresses for the best fit. 

They are available in black and dark brown shades. Sizes range from EU36-EU42.

23. Taste Courage

Price Range: $195.00

Here is a stylish pair of boots from Tastemaker Shoes you can wear at special events. This shoe is made of high-grade vegan leather and vegan suede to keep your feet comfy so you can walk worry-free. The best part about these boots is that they’re water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and breathable.

24. Blaze Apple Leather Vegan Ankle Boots

Price Range: $171.95

You must have a classic pair of black boots in your collection, so here’s one from Immaculate. The vegan leather used in the boots is super soft and supple, meaning you won’t get any blisters. 

These super stylish boots range from size EU38 to EU46.

25. Kallya Vegan Over The Knee Boots

Price Range: $175.00

Make your boots collection complete with these knee length boots from Matt & Nat. The fabric is made from vegan microsuede that’s super soft and comfortable. Its classic design makes it the perfect pair to wear with most casual outfits. 

The Kallya boots come in sizes 36-41.

26. Morgan Vegan Leather Boot

Price Range: $185.00

Take a look at these stylish and comfortable vegan leather boots from Noize. It’s got an elastic side panel, loop tabs, a thick lug sole, and recycled lycra lining to keep your feet feeling great. 

Morgan boots are available in two different colors, and sizes range from 36 to 41.

27. Lexus Unisex Brown Chelsea Boots

Price Range: $106.68

The Lexus Unisex Brown Chelsea boots look really stylish and are perfect for wearing with jeans or trousers. Finished with faux suede, this shoe has an almond-shaped front and a one-inch heel. Furthermore, the elastic side panels make it even easier to pull on and off the shoes. 

These 100% vegan boots come in sizes from 35 to 47.

28. Lore Brown Vegan Derby Bressy Boots

Price Range: $165.00

Perfect pair of boots that’ll go with your formals, the Derby Dressy boots can be your next best pick. It’s got a lace-up ankle, a toe cap, and it’s water-resistant. Additionally, the durable materials will make them last a long time. 

These boots come in sizes from US8 to US13.

29. Tom – Espresso

Price Range: $149.00

Espresso casual boot by Ahimsa is inspired by hiking boots and will look great with any casual look. You can easily wear it for a long time because the Vibram outsole and nylon upper will keep you comfortable. 

You can get it in two different colors and sizes, from EUR 38 to EUR 47.

30. Bonobo 2 Boot

Price Range: $92.82

These Bonobo 2 boots have a classic look with a stitch-down pattern, microfiber uppers, and a lace-up style. The material is water-resistant, making them perfect for all seasons. Additionally, the shoes have padded insoles and rubber soles to keep your feet comfy. 

The shoes are available in sizes EU36 to EU47.

31. Moon Runner Men’s Beige Sole Lace Up Boots

Price Range: $103.00

The Moon runner men’s boots are perfect for keeping up with all your adventures. Whether you wear it for hiking or running, these won’t give up on you easily. The design has a simple upper with lace ties and chunky soles that look super cool with casual looks. 

These Beige sole boots are vegan and come in sizes ranging from UK7 to UK12.

32. Monki Vegan Leather Knee-High Heeled Croc Boots in Brown

Price Range: $95.00

Get your hands on these super chic Monki knee-high croc boots. A side zip closure, square toe, and mid-block heel complete the look of this pair. Additionally, the vegan leather ensures your feet are comfortable without any irritation. 

The heeled croc boots come in sizes EU36 to EU41.

33. Tilleul Bordeaux Smooth

Price Range: $158.25

Looking for the perfect pair of fall boots? Well, look no further. Featuring a side zip closure, block heels, and a plain upper, The Tilleul has a chic minimal style. You can pair it with denim or formal trousers to nail the cool fall look.

34. Gisele | Tan Vegan Suede Knee-High Boots

Price Range: $657.00

Complement your boot collection with tan vegan suede knee-high boots by Alltrueist. The boots have a pointed toe shape and short side zip, making it easy to get in and out. The material is incredibly soft, so you can wear it all day without feeling sore. 

These boots are available in sizes US5 to US12.

35. Montie Black Suede Lace-Up Ankle Booties

Price Range: $46.00

Add a little oomph to your shoe closet with the Montie black suede lace-up ankle boots. They’re perfect no matter what you’re wearing. Whether it’s a dinner or just a casual lunch, just throw this pair on, and you’re done. These shoes have an almond shape toe, ankle-high shafts, and lace-up vamps with gunmetal hardware. 

You can get them in sizes 5 to 11.