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About Me

Hi My name is AJ. I started Accoutable Wear to share my love for sustainable fashion.
A few years ago, I got my AB in Fashion Design and Merchandising from De La Salle-College. I quickly realized how destructive the fashion industry was to the environment during my fashion design course and having lived in the Philippines, I am familiar with how poor the working conditions are for people who work in clothing factories.  

I started my sustainable fashion blog to get the word out about fast fashion’s destructive impact on the environment and the unfair working conditions for the people who make our clothes. My dream is to convince as many people as I can to choose sustainable clothing and be more conscious when it comes to taking care of and disposing of their clothes. 

What people don’t realize is that you can contribute to being more sustainable by not just buying sustainable clothes brands

We can be more sustainable when we:

Buy Less Clothes

My friends call me “CURIPUT”. In the Philippines, that means I’m a cheap skate! In reality, though, I buy less because after studying fashion, I realized that reducing the amount of clothes we produce and buy will have the best environmental impact on our planet.

Buy Better Quality Clothes

We don’t care about quality anymore since clothes are so cheap. When our clothes lose their shape or appeal, we just buy new ones. This buying habit fuels the fashion industry and is destroying the environment. If we stop buying cheap clothes, it’ll make brands improve their quality. As a bonus, our clothes will last longer, which is good for the environment and our wallets.

Don’t Throw Away Your Clothes

Always think twice before throwing away your clothes. 

Try to repair your clothes if they can be repaired. It’s good for the environment and supports small tailoring services and businesses. 

Old garments can be redesigned. You can find a lot of videos and articles online that show you how to make your old clothes look new again.

Donate your clothes to friends and family, or sell them online as pre-loved clothes.

Buy Second hand or Swap clothes

 Consider alternatives to buying new clothing

You can find second-hand shops everywhere. There are also plenty of websites and apps offering second-hand clothes, from the cheapest to name-brand. Swap your old clothes or trade them for new ones. These are economical and sustainable ways to refill your wardrobe. 

Minimize Washing Clothes

Washing and drying clothes can produce over 400kg of carbon dioxide each year. Every time you run your washing machine, you may release up to a million microscopic plastic fibers into the waste water which end up in our oceans. 

Before you wash your clothes, make sure you have a full load of washing. Replace your top-loading washer with a front-loader. Front-loading machines toss the clothes through the water fast so they use less water. You could also use a shorter wash cycle.

With this blog, I want to show people that even little things like this make a difference and are just as powerful and effective as buying sustainable clothes.