What Is Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is cheap clothing produced in large numbers all year round. Fashion producers claim that these low-quality, cheap clothes are produced to keep up with seasonal and trending fashion trends. In reality, fast fashion is nothing more than a marketing strategy to sell more throwaway garments. 

Why Does Fast Fashion Exist?

Originally, fast fashion was a marketing strategy used by fashion brands to get consumers to buy more clothing by creating seasonal trends and encouraging them to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Consumers quickly embraced this clothing behavior because they were hungry for cheap, up-to-date styles that were almost at throwaway prices.

When Did Fast Fashion Start?

Fast fashion began in the late 1990s. Clothing manufacturers and clothing brands began to increase the speed and production and sales of garments in stores. Many brands began setting up garment factories in some of the poorest countries in the world where there was little environmental regulation or labor law, which allowed them to mass produce garments cheaply without worrying about the impacts on the environment or garment workers. The New York Times coined the term “fast fashion” when they began writing about these new emerging brands that were producing clothes in a really quick manner.

What Is Considered a Fast Fashion Brand?

Fast fashion is any brand that produces low quality, cheap clothing at a speed and rate that harms the environment and garment workers that make their clothes all year long.

Is Fast Fashion Bad?

Fast fashion is bad because it pollutes the environment and adversely affects garment workers. One of the most polluting industries on the planet, fast fashion uses a lot of water, emits a lot of carbon dioxide, wastes fabrics, and uses harmful chemicals. By using cheap and dirty fabric, it causes all kinds of pollution to the planet’s oceans and environment. Most fast fashion clothes end up in landfills due to their throwaway nature.

Who Are the Consumers of Fast Fashion?

Anyone who is looking for the latest trends and styles of clothing at a cheaper price without caring about the impact the clothes have on the environment or the people who make them are consumers of fast fashion.

Why Do Consumers Purchase Fast Fashion?

Globally, there has been a huge increase in the demand for cheaper trendy clothing, especially among younger people. 

Where Are Fast Fashion Clothes Made

The garment factories that make fast fashion clothing are located in emerging or developing countries, which have a cheap labor force and poor environmental regulations. India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia and Pakistan are very popular countries for sourcing fashion clothing. 

Why Are Fast Fashion Companies So Profitable

The reason why fast-fashion brands are so successful is because they constantly release new clothing collections and up-to-the-minute styles. This encourages shoppers to visit stores and buy more clothing more frequently which increases profits. Also, retail stores don’t restock; they replace clothing items that sell out with new ones. It is also because fast fashion companies have their garments made in emerging countries with lower labor costs as low as a few dollars a day.