30 Vegan Sneakers

01. Navy Canvas

Price Range: $79.00

The navy canvas vegan sneakers have a 100% vegan insole, GOTS certified organic cotton, and recycled plastics. The sneakers are lightweight and super comfortable. The cushion technology prevents your feet from being hurt when running or walking on uneven surfaces. The sneakers are handcrafted and designed for women who love subtle, sleek, and stylish footwear to pair with their favorite jeans. The sneakers are durable and foot-friendly. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 5 to 13.

02. Moth – Grey – Men’s

Price Range: $74.90

The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 41 to 46

03. Vegan Hyper Sand Rose / Woman

Price Range: $147.57

Hyper sand rose women’s vegan sneakers are made with Appleskin (derived from apple processing waste), recycled organic cotton, polyester laces, and Lai Porellina insoles (made from polyurethane and viscose) for a perfect fit. The sneakers are inspired by the 80s design that balances between style and comfort. If you like to mix up colors that aren’t too bold or bright, these sneakers would be a great choice. The brand logo is on the rear so that it doesn’t interfere with the attractive design on the front. You can get laces in different colors apart from white. The standard fitting ensures that the sneakers allow free movement of your toes and let your skin breathe. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 36 to 40.

04. Vegan Suede Sneakers

Price Range: $112.00

The dark blue vegan suede sneakers are made with eco-certified vegan suede from Italy and recycled rubber insoles to keep you comfortable and breathable. The sneakers are water-resistant and have a grippy gum rubber bottom for a better grip on uneven surfaces. The men’s sneakers are athletic, casual, and subtly stylish. The insides of the sneakers are soft on the feet so that you can wear them for long hours and still be comfortable. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 7.5 to 14.

05. White Vegan Sneakers Sammy

Price Range: $181.89

Sammy vegan sneakers are made with wine leather, natural rubber insoles and non-slip rubber outsoles for a trendy and classy look. The sneakers have been designed for everyday use and are extremely comfortable. The non-slip outsole ensures that you have a strong footing and don’t risk slipping or tripping. The men’s sneakers come with two laces, allowing you to choose your style. The white laces are understated and elegant, while the checkered laces add a touch of fashion to these stunning sneakers. The sneakers are water-repellent, robust, and easy to maintain. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 35 to 48.

06. Oxford Grey

Price Range: $140.00

These Oxford grey vegan sneakers are made with vegan suede, recycled polyester, recycled plastic bottles, and wild rubber insoles (from the Amazon rainforest). The sneakers are water-repellant, efficient, and breathable. The sneakers provide a stable footing and can be worn for long hours. Just remember to remove the insole and air-dry the sneakers before wearing them again. The sneakers have been made in Brazil for an ergonomic and comfy fitting. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 35 to 41.

07. Classic Sneakers Made With Airbag

Price Range: $124.00

Airbag pink Classic vegan sneakers are made with recycled airbags, paperboard agglomerate insoles, microfiber lining, and rubber outsoles. The sneakers are anti-allergic and water-resistant and handmade to provide a comfortable and standard fitting. The unisex sneakers look good on anyone who loves comfy footwear. The sneakers are antimicrobial, bold, and sleek. Pair them with your favorite jeans and keep your feet happy throughout the day. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 5 to 12.

08. Kelwood Cotton Sky

Price Range: $136.13

The ciel Kelwood Cotton Sky Vegan Sneakers are made from 100% recycled cotton, recycled tires, natural rubber insoles, and natural cotton laces. The sneakers have been designed in France and crafted in northern Portugal with the recycled sole hand-sewn. The sneakers/ trainers are environment-friendly, sophisticated in appearance, and superior in design. The men’s sneakers are soft and gentle on the feet and can be paired with tracks, jeans, and semi-formal pants. Wear them throughout the day and still feel light on the feet. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 36 to 45.

09. Davis White / Orange / Orange Snake Women

Price Range: $78.94

The white orange vegan Davis snake sneakers for women are made with vegan corn leather, 100% tencel laces, an insole made of three layers (natural linen, natural latex, and natural plant fibers), and an outsole made from bio-rubber and recycled cork waste. The women’s sneakers are classy, timeless, elegant, and understated. The outsole comes in two colors- white and brown. The brown variant has a bold touch, while the white variant is more subtle and flattering. The sneakers are water-repellant, antibacterial, and antifungal. The sneakers have been designed to be worn for long hours and are highly breathable. They also quickly absorb and release moisture to keep your feet dry and clean. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 36 to 42.

10. Samo Vegan Low Top Sneakers | Beige

Price Range: $131.56

100% vegan suede, 100% cotton laces, removable memory foam insole, and rubber sole make up this new pair of beige Samo low top sneakers. The unisex sneakers can be paired with various outfits and matched with multiple colors. The sneakers have been made in Portugal and designed for day-long use. They come with an accurate to relaxed fit, depending on your foot size. The minimalistic design and soft aesthetics made these sneakers a worthy pair for everyone who loves happy and light footwear. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 36 to 46.

11. Disney Monsters, Inc. Stan Smith

Price Range: $100.00

Off-white/ pantone/ core black Disney monsters, Inc Stan Smiths use Primegreen (high-performance recycled materials), textile lining, and rubber outsole for a chic, glittery look. The sneakers come in a bold color combination that’s the copyright of the Disney character. The sneakers are versatile and perfect for various activities. From dancing to walking to spending the day on your feet, the sneakers ensure to keep your feet breathable and comfortable. The design can be a bit narrow, so size up for wider feet. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 4 to 14 for men and 5 to 15 for women.

12. Recycled Sneaker Of Cotton And Jute Aqua

Price Range: $86.94

The aqua recycled Fiona sneakers have a recycled organic cotton body and jute laces, plus a removable recycled PU insole and outsole for a custom fit. The sneakers are handcrafted and created after an order is placed. Each pair is unique and focuses on providing comfort and flexibility to the wearer. The sneakers are suitable for daily activities and add a touch of spark to your outfit. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 36 to 41.

13. Urban Runner Tght

Price Range: $120.00

Light grey urban runner tght vegan sneakers are made of organic cotton, recycled tire laces, and Ethiopian handmade soles. The sneakers have plush and soft interiors that are gentle and highly comfortable for your feet. The sneakers come in a supportive design, allowing you to wear them all day long. The sneakers cushion the feet and come in adorable colors. The sneakers have been designed for men and women who love casual and efficient footwear. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 5 to 13.

14. Women’s Stella #Stansmith Adidas

Price Range: $325.00

White Stella Stan Smith Adidas women’s vegan sneakers feature a vegan insole and outsole, 100% recycled polyester sockliner, and rainbow gradient detailing (and lace) in an edgy, contemporary design. The sneakers fit true to size and come with two lace options- white and rainbow colors. The sneakers are elegant, superior, unique, dapper, and subtly decorative for women who love a touch of vibrance in their appearance. Use the rainbow lace to highlight the sneakers. The white lace can help blend the sneakers with the overall outfit. The sneakers are versatile, stylish, and comfy. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 36 to 41.5.

15. Prince Sneakers Woman

Price Range: $131.56

Fuchsia Prince Sneakers for women are made from 100% recycled nylon, 70% recycled EVA for the midsole, and 80% rubber sole for an ultra-lightweight, durable, and comfortable design. The women’s sneakers are made for everyday use. The vintage-style design creates a lovely combination of colors to pair the sneakers with different outfits. If you like a splash of cheerful and bright colors offset by white tones, this model is for you. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 36 to 41.

16. Fair Trainer Black Cap Lo Cut True Blood | Jet Balck

Price Range: $90.26

These blood red jet black fair trainer black cap vegan sneakers are made from 100% vegan canvas twill fair-trade organic cotton and natural rubber soles for a reliable and sturdy fit. The sneakers have been designed for people with an active lifestyle who don’t mind a touch or more of dirt when canvassing through the streets or off-beaten paths. The sneakers are top-of-the-line, trendy, and deliver high-performance results. Pair them with various outfits and spend the day as you wish. The sneakers are dependable, sassy, and come in an array of colors. The black toe cap adds a touch of attitude to the sneakers. The vegan sneakers come in sizes from 36 to 47.

17. Modelo ’89 Vegan Hi Black

Price Range: $188.00

Sneakers are a wardrobe staple; you can’t have enough of them. Modelo 89 vegan Hi Black sneakers look super cool and stylish, so you can wear them anywhere. This shoe is made of certified organic cotton and features an RPET dry touch insole. The design makes it suitable to wear with all your casual fits. 

It comes in six interesting colors, and sizes range from 36 to 46.

18. Vallely Grey/Black

Price Range: $89.00

Vallely vegan sneakers by Cariuma aren’t only fashionable, but they’re extremely durable. Its vegan suede and recycled fabric make it very durable, so you can toss and turn it with ease. The design is inspired by basketball shoes to give them a sporty vibe.

It comes in a range of sizes from 5 to 13, and there are multiple designs to choose from.

19. John Vegan Green

Price Range: $285.00

There’s nothing better than a pair of classic white sneakers in your shoe closet, so here’s one from P448, which will be a great purchase. The lining and laces in this John Vegan pair are made from post-consumer recycled materials, and the body is made from GMO-free corn crops and recycled polyester. Plus, it has a bio-vegan leather lining and a P448 customized rubber sole. 

They come in sizes 40-46.

20. Yebo Vegan Sneaker

Price Range: $45.00

Get your hands on these super chic and stylish Yebo sneakers. It has a simple yet classic design so that you can wear it in all your outfits. Whether you’re running errands or having brunch meetings, these shoes will get you everywhere. These feature bio-based leather and recycled polyester to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

21. Darby Sneaker

Price Range: $88.00

The Darby women’s sneakers are a must have. Not only do these vegan shoes look cool, but they’re also super comfy. It’s made of heavy brushed cotton twill with embroidered eyelets, distressed binding, recycled cotton lining, and a foam footbed for extra comfort. Besides, it’s got a cooling system with perforations for ventilation and breathability. 

There are three colors to choose from and sizes from 5 to 11.

22. Adams Beige/Mid Brown/Brown Women

Price Range: $157.20

These Adams women’s sneakers are another great pair to add to your shoe collection. In addition to looking stylish, they’re also super durable and functional. They have two layers; the top layer is ONSTEAM microfiber, which is breathable and antibacterial, so your feet stay dry. The other layer is recycled natural cork with recycled EVA mixture and highly breathable ARNEFLEX foam in the forefoot. 

They come in sizes 36 to 42.

23. Urca CWL White Kaki Indigo

Price Range: $130.00

These Urca CWL White Kaki Indigo sneakers look super cool and are perfect for pairing with anything. Plus, they’re so comfy you can wear them all day without getting sore feet or blisters. Put on your casual shirts/t-shirts and denim pants, and you’re good to go. 

This pair comes in sizes W4 to W10.

24. LØCI X Mate Eleven

Price Range: $200.00

There’s no way you can take your eyes off the Loci X Mate Eleven sneakers by Loci Wear. These have a stylish urban design with water-resistant, breathable, moisture-wicking comfort. These shoes are best for walking, running, or as your riding shoes. Plus, they come in both high-tops and low-top designs. 

Sizes range from 3.5 to 12, and they come in multiple colors.

25. Classic KS Aqua

Price Range: $125.63

With their sporty chic style, KS Aqua shoes are best for pairing with all of your casual outfits. This pair of sneakers is lightweight, breathable, and anti-slip. These are made with recycled plastic bottles and corn waste, and are lined with eco-friendly microfiber. 

You can pick from 36 to 45 in these shoes.

26. Sixty Six Sneaker Classic

Price Range: $60.00

Here is a pair of women’s classic blucher sneakers made in white cotton canvas. It’s lined with soft, washed cotton canvas, laced with cotton, and has a cushy footbed with extra heel strike cushioning. This shoe has a special cooling system so you can have more comfort. 

Sizes range from 5 to 11, and there are two different colors.

27. Thea Vegan Onyx

Price Range:

Introducing this classic black sneaker that will never go out of style. From the Present Future collection, this Thea Vegan Onyx is a statement piece. The upper is made of black vegan leather with a silver tongue, recycled black laces, and snakeskin print on the heel. Wear it with some jeans or trousers to sport a cool casual look. 

28. Davis II Grey/White/Dark Grey Men

Price Range: $146.75

The Davis II sneakers are modern, stylish, and functional. These are made with vegan corn leather, and they’re antifungal, antibacterial, breathable, have high moisture absorption, and fast moisture release. Additionally, they’re water-repellent, dirt-resistant, and breathable. Whether you’re going on a casual dinner or will be attending a formal event, these will look nice. 

This pair comes in sizes 41 to 47.

29. LØCI X Reed Ten

Price Range: $215.00

The Loci X Reed Ten shoes come with a cork insole that gives a soft bounce and a thick collar. With their durable, breathable, and sustainable materials, these stay as good as new even after multiple wears. 

They come in sizes 3.5 to 12 and in multiple colors.

30. LØCI Seven

Price Range: $180.00

Let’s round up the list of vegan sneakers with another pair from Loci Wear. This Loci Seven is an absolute classic that you must own in your closet. Made with 100% recycled material, it has a water-resistant upper, a cork insole, and a lightweight rubber sole that provides a non-slip grip.