Hemp Shoe

Shoes made from hemp are eco-friendly, breathable, durable and, most importantly, sustainable. To give you plenty of choices, we have compiled our top picks.

01. Deserto Hemp

Price Range: $136.59

These vegan, unbleached cotton-laced shoes are splash-proof, lightweight, flexible, and strong because they are made from raw hemp. Available in sizes 40 and 46, these hemp shoes can be worn to any occasion as they are unique and have a timeless appeal. 

The outer lining of the shoes is “ideal” because it guarantees resistance and stability, while the crepe soles are made of natural rubber alongside the padded foot straps to adapt to all kinds of terrain. These shoes compliment any outfit and can be worn for an entire day as the inner lining wraps the foot softly, while the natural hemp upper guarantees fast-drying and the highest breathability levels.