30 Vegan Sandals

01. Huarache Footbed Sandals

Price Range: $107.00

These chic tan Huarache Footbed Sandals have Italian vegan leather, cork footbeds, and rubber soles for a relaxed, comfortable fit. The sandals have arch support and straps to adjust the fit. The soles are durable, shock-absorbent, and last for a long time. The footbed is covered with soft vegan suede so that your feet are at ease even if you have to stand for long hours or walk far distances. Pair the sandals with formal or informal wear. The sandals are plush, foot-friendly, and reliable. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 5 to 10.

02. Darco Green Pet Slip On Vegan Sandals

Price Range: $99.00

Darco green Pet Slip On vegan sandals are made with PET GRS certified material made from recycled plastic bottles, 100% OEKO-Tex certified microfiber, and cork footbed, with natural rubber, recycled tires soles. The sandals are antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. This makes the sandals odor-free and keeps your feet from becoming sweaty or smelly. The footbed has a soft natural arch to support the foot. The women’s sandals can be worn indoors and outdoors with the same ease. The sandals have nickel buckles that add a subtle touch of style to the design. The sandals are smooth and designed for everyday use. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 5 to 12.

03. Monica

Price Range: $425.00

Yellow python-effect Monica vegan sandals are made with 90% polyester, 10% polyamide outer, 50% synthetic rubber, 40% mineral composts, 10% additives sole, and 75% polyurethane, 25% viscose lining for a comfy fit. The stylish sandals are inspired by and named after Monica Vitti, an Italian actress. The sandals are sleek, modern, and have a thin ankle strap. The insole has a light cushion to soften the walk and ensure that your feet don’t feel the stress of a busy day. The trendy sandals can be paired with your favorite dresses and worn to various occasions. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 6 to 12.

04. Vegan Sandals

Price Range: $28.00

These black and red vegan sandals are made with repurposed vegan leather and red synthetic understraps. The sandals have been designed for women and are waterproof. The design is similar to flip flops and can be worn at home or on the beach. Carry a pair when traveling so that you don’t have to get your feet dirty. What makes the sandals cute is the red strip that pops from the underside. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 6 to 11.

05. Aubrey Bow Leopard Print Sandals

Price Range: $263.44

Aubrey Bow leopard print sandals are made with Italian fabric, faux leather uppers, recycled linings, and padded soles for comfort and breathability. The sandals are made in Spain by talented artisans. The soles are flexible and allow free movement. The front round, open toe area comes with a satin bow to add some glamour to the sandals. The ankle strap is sexy and ensures that the sandals don’t slip from the feet. There’s a tiny heel to jazz up the sandals. Pair these beauties with dresses, frocks, or skirts. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 35 to 43.

06. Vegan Assunta Strappy Block Heel Sandal

Price Range: $198.00

These white vegan Assunta strappy block heel sandals are made from a bio-based leather alternative that feels like butter. The sandals have a block heel and three ruched straps for a trendy and modern design. The front square toe-cut makes the sandals fashionable. The sandals fit true to size and can be paired with most outfits. Wear them for various occasions and flaunt your feet. Paint the toenails in your favorite shade to add more color to your appearance. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 5 to 11.

07. Vegan Wedge Sandals Barbara

Price Range: $102.81

These blue vegan wedge sandals for women are made with 100% vegan materials for an easy and comfy fit. The sandals come with two wide straps on the front and another wide elastic strap that keeps the feet firmly inside the sandals. The sandals have a vintage-print design with metallic highlights on the sole. The slightly raised wedge heel makes the sandals fashionable. The padding ensures that your feet are comfortable, no matter the occasion. Pair these chic sandals with an outfit of your choice. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 35 to 42.

08. Gena Comfy Vegan Slide-On | Khaki

Price Range: $136.09

Gena slides are vegan suede and Italian microfiber, so they keep the feet comfortable. They come in khaki. The sandals have been designed for daily use and come in an anatomic shape to protect the feet from pain. The toes and the front of the feet are fully covered. The cork sole has a layer of vegan suede that’s soft on the skin. Pair the sandals with casual wear. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 36 to 42.

09. Gaia Sandal

Price Range: $145.00

White vegan leather upper, cork insole, and rubber outsoles make up the sleek and sophisticated Gaia sandals in a sleek, modern design. The anti-slip sole ensures a firm grip on the surface and provides stability as you walk. The tiny wedged heel makes the sandals stylish and cute. The women’s sandals have been designed for summers to go with your flirty and hazy summer dresses. The white ankle strap is adjustable and comes with a tiny buckle. The minimalist design is perfect for women who love to be trendy yet subtle. Pair the sandals with dresses, capris, skirts, etc. The sandals fit true to size and come in US measurements. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 5 to 11.

10. Ashai Vegan Sandals

Price Range: $110.00

Black Ashai vegan sandals are made of PVC. The sandals have a thick one-inch outer sole and a soft footbed with the logo printed on it. The sandals have two wide straps on the front with an adjustable ankle strap and a buckle to provide a perfect and comfortable fit. The women’s sandals are sturdy, bold, structural, and efficient and are made in Italy. Pair them with jeans for casual events. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 36 to 41.

11. The Wood Sandal

Price Range: $235.00

The olive wood sandals are made using bio-vegan leather, consisting of 47% bio-based polyurethane, 27% post-consumer GRS certified recycled polyester, and 26% PU for upper, 100% recycled plastic & cardboard insole and lining 57% bio-based Polyurethane (corn), 25% FSC certified viscose from natural resources, and 18% PU. The women’s sandals are lightweight and have an ergonomic design for a comfortable fit. The sandals are durable and have a block heel and a large wide strap that covers the front of the foot. The sandals are fancy and can be worn anywhere. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 36 to 42.

12. Homeez Open-Toe

Price Range: $90.00

Sunset red stripes jute sole Homez open toe sandals have a comfortable and relaxed fit. Made from Abyssinian pure jute. The sandals are perfect for indoors and outdoors and are handcrafted by skilled artisans. The jute used for the sandals is super soft and doesn’t cause scratches on the surface. The sandals can be used by men and women who love colorful, vibrant, and cozy footwear. The sandals are also available with an insole made of recycled tires. The jute sandals have open toes and are light on the feet. They come in sizes from 5 to 12 for women and 6 to 14 for men.

13. Bungee Wedge Sandal – Femme

Price Range: $230.00

These sexy bungee wedge sandals are made from vegan recycled textiles, a man-made sole, and bungee cord lace in a contemporary design. The women’s footwear is sassy, with bright colors and medium-high wedge heels. The bungee cord lace is arranged in a criss-cross method on the front. The lace is tied left to tie a knot at the back of the ankle or a little below the calf. The sandals are cheerful, bold and suitable for parties and informal events. Pair them with your favorite dress and flaunt your style. The vegan sandals come in size 8.

14. Vegan Reclaimed Crossover Sandal

Price Range: $80.00

Vegan faux leather and jute soles give your feet the best support with these reclaimed crossover sandals. The sandals are crafted in London after an order is placed so that they are perfect for every customer. The women’s sandals are soft as butter and keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. The wide crossover straps cover the front of your feet and have an open-toe tip for the toes to peek through. Pair these comfy sandals with jeans or casual wear. The vegan sandals come in sizes from 35 to 46.

15. Arizona Vegan

Price Range: $110.00

The Arizona vegan flats speak comfort and quality. It’s got a classic look with a pull-up design, straps with metal buckles, a two-tone surface, and the upper are made of Birko-Flor®, a synthetic material. Whether you are heading out for brunch or have to run errands, these Arizona vegan sandals will disappoint you. 

They come in sizes ranging from 4/4.5 to 12/12.5 for women and 6/6.75 to 10/10.5″ for men.

16. Bay White Pinatex Slip on Vegan Sandals

Price Range: $107,00

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting dressed up or keeping it casual; slip-ons are the way to go. So why not get yourself a pair of stylish Bay White Pinatex slip-ons from the Nae Vegan. Made from pineapple leaf fibers, these vegan sandals are antimicrobial and antibacterial that’ll keep your feet odor free. 

You can get these vegan slip-ons in sizes US5 to US13.

17. Campo Black Suede Knotted Slide Sandals

Price Range: $24,00

Need a pair of casual flats to go with your trousers and shorts? Here is the perfect one from Lulus. The Campo suede knotted slides are best when you have a lot of walking to do. The fine manufacturing and premium quality material will keep your feet comfy during long standing hours. Besides, the adjustable bow helps to arrange the fit according to your liking. 

Get these stylish sandals in sizes 5 to 10.

18. Palm Leaf Flat Women’s Sandals | Classic Black

Price Range: $34.95

The Plaka palm leaf flats speak fashion plus comfort. These are handwoven, and the high-quality soles are made from premium rubber. The straps have an added stretch so say goodbye to blisters and rubbing. These sandals are stylish enough to wear on any occasion, be it a wedding party or a dinner date. 

They come in sizes 5-11.

19. Vegan Blaire Women’s Felix Gladiator Sandals

Price Range: $100.00

Gladiators are perfect when you want to wear something fashionable but still require comfort. Fitted with straps on the front and a wedge for height, these Felix gladiator sandals are a great choice. It’s made from the softest synthetic material that’ll keep your feet comfy all day. 

You get to pick these sandals from US5 to US11.

20. Clog Footbed Sandals

Price Range: $124.00

These Will’s Vegan Store Clog Footbed sandals feature a design that’s great for both formal and casual wear. They’re made from Italian vegan leather and are shock-absorbing. They have a cork footbed lined with soft suede, an adjustable strap, a heel cup, arch support, and rubber outsoles. 

These Clog Footbed sandals are available in sizes 40-46.

21. Ibaka Women’s Vegan Buckle Sandals

Price Range: $115.00

Matt & Nat got some cool women’s footwear, and these Ibaka vegan buckle sandals caught our eye. Made with a faux suede footbed and recycled materials, these are sure to last you for years to come. The design is timeless, so you can wear it with any dress, skirt, or pants. 

You can get them in two shades: black and brown. You can pick the size between 36 and 41.

22. Melissa Papete Fluffy

Price Range: $95.00

Want to go extra with your footwear collection? There’s nothing better than these Melissa Papete fluffy flats. Melissa sandals aren’t just stylish; they’re comfortable, too. They’re made from recycled plastic and vegan faux fur, so they’re vegan and eco-friendly. Also, the premium build quality ensures the texture and finishes are top-notch to give you zero chances of complaints. 

These are available in four delicious candy colors and sizes that come from 5 to 10.

23. Cyndie Women’s Vegan Flat Sandals

Price Range: $75.00

There’s never enough flats in any wardrobe. Whether you’re a working woman or a student, they’re a must. Why not expand your sandal collection with the Cyndie Women’s vegan flat sandals. These pretty pairs have a matching buckle detail and are made from recycled materials. 

Available in three shades, these flats come in sizes from 36 to 41.

24. Melissa Bubble Sandal

Price Range: $75.00

Want some pretty pink flats? Melissa has just the right pair. This Bubble sandal is casual, fun, and comfortable for everyday wear. The best thing about this pair is they are super lightweight, so you won’t feel a thing. These have a Grenflex insole, so they won’t hurt your feet no matter how long you wear them. 

Get this pretty pair from size 5 to 10, and there are three color options too.

25. Gizeh Vegan

Price Range: $99.95

Modern classic flats are a shoe closet must, and this Gizeh vegan fits that description just right. Brinestock has introduced this timeless pair which are skin-friendly, made with hard-wearing synthetic and Birkibuc. Plus, the anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed is sure to keep your feet comfy. 

You can get these shoes in sizes 35-43.

26. Time to Chill Black Leopard Slide Sandals

Price Range: $22.00

It’s time to discard your ordinary flats and get something trendy like these chill black leopard slides from Lulus. They have a lightly cushioned insole, non-skid rubber sole, and rubber heel. Designed to keep you comfortable, you can walk miles wearing these. 

These slides are available in multiple shades and sizes come from 5 to 11. 

27. Seashell Summer Sandals for Women | Sunset Sangria

Price Range: $34.95

You can’t take your eyes off these Plaka Seashell summer sandals. These flats are super stylish and have rubber soles that last. They’re handwoven and of high quality. Additionally, the straps are made of stretchy premium nylon that keeps your feet blister free. Whether you’re packing for a beach vacation or a pool party, these sandals must go along. 

This pretty pair is available from 5 to 10.

28. Vegan Gryphon Gladiator Sandals

Price Range: $130.00

Looking for a gladiator that aligns with your commitment to sustainable fashion? Look no further! The Dr. Martens vegan Gryphon gladiator sandals are here to enhance your shoe closet. The synthetic material used in the sandals is super soft and supple that comes with a two-tone finish. You can wear it with trousers or denim pants, either way, all eyes will be on you. 

These come in sizes 5 to 14. 

29. Bali – Criss Cross Sandal

Price Range: $99.00

Isn’t it time you added criss cross flats to your sandal collection? Sounds good, right? So here is the best pair that must make it to your shoe closet. The Bali sandals have a minimalist design that is antimicrobial and antibacterial, so there is no foot odor bothering you. Plus, the natural rubber and comfortable footbed give you full arch support, so you’ll be able to cover that distance pain-free. 

These are available in sizes 5 to 13.

30. Oceanside Beach Flip Flops for Women | Turquoise Zebra

Price Range: $34.95

The Oceanside Beach flip flops by Plaka speak tropical and summer fashion. These flip flops are handwoven, made with high-quality and vegan-friendly durable rubber. Additionally, the straps are made with stretchy nylon to prevent rubbing and blisters. These boho chic sandals are great to pair with all your summer outfits. 

You can get them in sizes 5-10.