25 Hemp Sneakers

A long search on the Internet turned up a few sneakers made from organic hemp that are ethically made and made from sustainable materials.

01. Holata – Black

Price Range: $99.00

The ecologically and ethically handmade low-top, lace-up sneakers are 100% hemp canvas shoes that wick moisture, are antimicrobial, breathable, and durable. This classic court sneaker pair is a PETA-certified product that features an all-natural rubber outsole. The all-black shoes will match any outfit, regardless of its color. 

They are available in the size range of EU 36 – EU 37 and offer a snug fit to all types of feet. The super durable, comfortable molded PU insole presents superior cushioning and comfort, besides absorbing movement shock and supporting good posture.

02. Low Scout Hemp

Price Range: $136.59

These 100% natural, raw hemp sneakers with an inner cotton lining are one of the classic sneakers one can possess. The shoe pair features an in-foamed, natural rubber Fußbett insole that is removable and contains traces of activated carbon aloe and cotton. Thus, you get unprecedented comfort, and this insole fosters correct posture for different activities besides supporting the whole foot arch. Every part of the foot stays fresh like a daisy, thanks to the activated carbons’ antibacterial properties, aloe vera, and distinctive cotton lining.

The raw hemp from which the material for the shoe is harvested renders it a unique color and lends a timeless appeal. The zig-zag cotton yarn finishing touches make them popular, and you can team these shoes with any outfit of your choice. These shoes with hemp in the uppers are fast drying and ensure supreme breathability. They are available in a size range of 36-46

03. Hemp Loyak M’s

Price Range: $100.00

When classic meets stylish, you get these uber-soft hemp canvas shoes. This shoe pair has uppers made of 23 % recycled polyester and 77% hemp, while the 7mm thick midsole is crafted using closed-cell 45 C EVA. The Flex-Grip™ outsoles on these unisex shoes are super flexible and non-marking. The  G.15 technology on the outsole makes it resistant to abrasion and allows for heightened balance and grip. Divided 3 mm lugs on the shoes’ outsole offer a substantial grasp on loose dirt. 

They are available in granite gray, desert khaki, and onyx black colors. The shoes provide a snug fit and are available in the size window of US 8- US 14. The 11 mm ball and 12mm heels on the shoes make them ready for travel, whether for an unexpected adventure or to simply kick around town.

04. Hemp Sneakers All Black

Price Range: $130.00 AUD

These all-black hemp sneakers are 100% vegan and made with natural rubber and hemp fabric. These shoes feature an extra stitch that connects the rubber with the fabric hence making them last longer. 

The pair is available in the size window of UK 3 – UK 13. For a look that’s both on-trend and casual, you can choose a black crew-neck tee and straight-cut denim jeans to look dapper.

05. The Hemp Lace Up

Price Range: $165.00

These natural summer shoes are crafted sustainably, with a blend of cotton, thread spun from plastic bottles, and hemp. The lace-up sneakers feature an earth-inspired, elevated style that makes you battle the scorching weather. The light beige shoes with matching shoelaces feature plant-based light-grey insoles and padded collars that cushion the ankles. The pair offers a snug fit because of the soft-terry-lined tongue. 

The contoured and wedged footbeds in the shoes offer supportive structure and cloud-like comfort. These shoes are machine washable, and to retain them for the longest time, avoid the heat, wash with mild detergent, cold water, and air dry.

06. Solna 3.0 Leather Shoes Men’s

Price Range: $168.11

The uber-comfy men’s leather shoes are recyclable and great for everyday wear, activewear, or even at work. It has an unbelievable foot roll, as well as an inner lining of German sheep wool that wicks moisture, kills odor-forming bacteria, and offers insulation. So you can wear them during moderate winters or cool, damp autumns. Weighing just 860 grams, these breathable and water-repellent shoes provide a pleasant and balanced microclimate for your feet all day long. The cotton-combined, waxed, chrome-free, tanned leather helps the feet stay dry and warm. 

If the wax-finish waterproofing on the shoe wears off, then it can be rewaxed easily. The insoles made of kenaf and corn can be removed easily, whenever needed. These on-the-go shoes come in PVC-free packaging and come in the UK size window of 6.5 – 12. Available in silt brown and black colors, these eco-friendly, hydrophobic nubuck leather shoes also possess recycled and abrasion-resistant natural rubber soles.

07. Krasen – Black/White

Price Range: $99.00

You can never have enough sneakers in your collection, so here’s another pair from Bohempia. These Krasen black and white lace-up sneakers have a nautical vibe and molded PU insoles. The Hemp canvas is also durable, breathable, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking, so you don’t have to worry about odors. 

You can get them in sizes 39 to 45, and they’re made out of 100% hemp canvas.

08. Alex Blue Nights Women’s

Price Range: $98.00

These women’s sneakers from Alex Blue Night are the perfect everyday shoe. With its sustainably sourced hemp upper and dense foam midsole/outsole, these shoes feel super light on your feet. Pair them with your best casual looks to show them off. 

These 100% sustainable shoes come in sizes 5 to 14. 

09. Explorer V2 for Men Beige and Green

Price Range: $135.00

These Explorer V2 hemp shoes are developed by 800 KICS and are designed and engineered in Portugal. Eco-friendly, durable, and comfortable sneakers are the next best thing to add to your shoe collection. Its simplistic design makes it versatile, so you can wear it with most of your outfits. 

These shoes come in sizes EU37-EU47 and multiple colors.

10. Hemp Chukker Ms

Price Range: $120.00

Get the Hemp Chukker MS by Astral Designs and spruce up your shoe collection. The design has a midsole, sticky G® rubber outsole, and lace-up uppers. You can wear it to work or for impromptu plans since it’s so timeless. 

Hemp shoes are made with 77% hemp and 23% recycled polyester. They’re available in sizes M8 to M14.

11. Tideline Lace Hemp

Price Range: $65.00

Featuring a thin, flexible, and superlight feel, these Sanuk Tideline Lace hemp shoes are perfect. The shoe’s excellent build quality keeps up with every step you take. The design looks super cool and stylish, so you can wear it anywhere you go. 

It’s made from 50% hemp and 50% cotton with a canvas upper. Get them in sizes from 7 to 14.

12. Hi Bro Lite Hemp

Price Range: $50.00

Give your sneaker collection a style twist with the HI BRO Lite Hemp shoes. It’s got a high-rebound, featherweight, and ultra-cushy IMEVA sole that’s sure to make your walk a whole lot smoother. Order a half size down for a better fit. 

The sneakers come in two colors, and sizes range from 7 to 14.

13. Geneva Hemp High Top Sneakers Zipper

Price Range: $118.97

You can walk freely in the Geneva hemp high sneakers, which feature classic sneaker style and comfortable fit. The shoe is waterproof since it is made from natural wax, and the fabric is biodegradable. 

These are made from 100% European hemo and sizes range from EU36 to EU46.

14. Rambler W’s

Price Range: $110.00

Rambler W’s mountain sneakers are perfect if you love adventure, and trekking is your favorite activity. Besides being high quality, the tenacious grip on the soles will keep your feet protected as you hike up. 

The Rambler W’s are made of 77% hemp and 23% recycled polyester with protective TPU overlays on the heel cap. Available in three colors and sizes from W6 to W11.

15. Orik 2.0 Black

Price Range: $148.00

Here is another pair of stylish and comfy sneakers from Bohempia that’s a must add to your shoe closet. The design has a converse high top with laces for the perfect fit and grip. 

Shoes made from 100% hemp canvas with a natural rubber outsole are available in sizes 36 to 46.

16. Venere Hemp

Price Range: $126.00

When you need something quick to throw on, slip-on is the perfect solution. Venere Hemp by Risorse Future is the one to pick when you need something light and comfortable to run your daily errands. These soles are sewn using two different techniques- a classic seam and water-based glue. Plus, the material provides enough ventilation to keep your feet fresh. 

The hemp slip-ones are made from 100% natural hemp. They come in sizes 36-41.

17. Zeus Raw Hemp

Price Range: $147.17

Want sneakers that are comfortable and stylish? We’ve got you covered. Get your hands on the Zeus Raw Hemp sneakers. It has a breathable two-tone raw hemp upper, a natural rubber sole, and organic cotton lining. Plus, you get a natural latex footbed that you can remove. 

Zeus Hemp shoes are available in sizes 40-46.

18. Reno Organic Hemp Shoes

Price Range: $119.00

Why not get yourself a pair of classic black sneakers? Sounds good, right? So grab these Reno Organic hemp shoes now that’ll pair great with most of your looks. These shoes have hemp insoles that give you a snug fit, and the material is biodegradable. 

These hemp shoes are made from 100% European hemp. Sizes range from EU40-EU46.

19. Scout Sage

Price Range: $136.59

A new pair of sneakers is always welcome in your collection, and the Scout Sage fits right in. The shoes are made of cotton yarn with zigzag embellishments. Additionally, the cotton lining feels super soft and comfortable. 

These natural hemp sneakers are available in sizes 37-41.

20. Hemp Donner

Price Range: $110.00

Here is a pair of robust sneakers that won’t wear off easily. The Hemo Donner sneakers are made from recycled polyester that’s breathable, rot resistant, and durable. The shoes will keep your feet protected with their Balanced Geometry™ and G® rubber outsoles will provide excellent traction on any trail.

21. Kolda – Pink

Price Range: $126.00

A pretty pair of pink sneakers never disappoint you, so why not get yourself this Kolda pair by Bohempia. The design is inspired by the classic Plimsole shoes and made with materials that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. 

Made from 100% hemp canvas, you can choose between sizes 36 to 40.

22. Hoska – Natural

Price Range: $126.00

A pair of nude sneakers is a must since they pair well with most of your outfits. Hoska natural shoes have lace-up low tops with a classic sneaker style that’s super cool and trendy. Wear it with your trousers or jeans and walk out in style. 

The pair is made from 100% hemp canvas, and sizes vary from 37 to 45.

23. Vikla – Tan

Price Range: $118.00

Here are a pair of stylish slip-ons that you can’t resist. The design is inspired by SoCal surf sneakers, and the material is super breathable, so your feet are well ventilated. 

It’s made of 100% hemp canvas. The slip-ons come in sizes 36 to 45.

24. Athena Raw Hemp

Price Range: $147.17

Here are a pair of stylish slip-ons that you can’t resist. The design is inspired by SoCal surf sneakers, and the material is super breathable, so your feet are well ventilated. 

It’s made of 100% hemp canvas. The slip-ons come in sizes 36 to 45.

25. Milek – Tan

Price Range: $119.00

Let’s end this list of hemp sneakers with this Milek lace-up sneaker from Bohempia. Insoles are made of PU that is densely cushioned and shock absorbing, so your feet stay super comfy. Additionally, the canvas is durable, breathable, moisture-wicking as well as antimicrobial. 

The 100% hemp sneakers are available in sizes 39-45.