7 Sustainable Ties & Bow

01. Bow Tie – Dark Blue

Price Range: $23.56

This hassle-free bow tie gives you a classy look on special occasions.  Made from fabric cutoffs, it’s easy to snap on and off. Designed and manufactured in Nepal.

02. Textured Polka Dot Pure Silk Tie

Price Range: $26.00

It’s a classic silk tie. The regular width and textured pattern make this tie an elegant choice for formal wear.

03. Midnight Blue and Brown B-logo Silk Tie Set

Price Range: $390.00

This elegant piece is handcrafted in Italy. This tie makes a bold fashion statement, thanks to its intertwined iconic B-logo and satin base. Stylish with its contrasting border on the matching pocket square.

04. Palm Leaf Print Tie

Price Range: $69.50

With a bold palm leaf print, this tie makes a tropical statement.

05. Oxford Silk Nanotex® Tie

Price Range: $59.50

You can never go wrong with a 100% silk tie. You don’t have to worry about it getting wet at formal events since this tie is water-resistant. The fabric is stain-resistant, so it will last for many years.

06. Tie Whipsnade Blue

Price Range: $‌90.00

A cotton-lined, three-fold tipped tie. Made from 78% cotton and 22% linen, this knot is perfect if you want to make a four-in knot. Easily paired with any formal button-down shirt. Italian-made. Handcrafted.

07. Camden Wooden Bow Tie – Jarrah

Price Range: $56.66

Made from fine Jarrah wood, this wooden bow tie is a work of art. It is embellished with an elegant fabric piece that has been crafted by hand.