35 Sustainable Leggings

01. Active Leggings

Price Range: $100.00

Made of recycled materials, these burgundy leggings are full length.  They’re breathable and absorb sweat so they’re super comfy. Also, the leggings have a back pocket! The leggings are available in sizes from XS-XXL.

02. SilverTech™ Active Leggings

Price Range: $90.00

Full length SilverTech active leggings made of recycled materials and treated with Polygiene® to keep them fresh and odor-free. The leggings are highly comfortable, stretchable, and can absorb sweat to keep them fresh. For increased durability, they are knitted seamlessly.  The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

03. The Perform Leggings

Price Range: $90.00

This black Perform legging is made with 58% recycled nylon and 42% elastane in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The high waist leggings are perfect for everyday wear and provide maximum comfort. The Perform leggings have sweat-wicking properties and an internal pocket for cards and keys. Flaunt your style with regular or ankle length leggings. There’s a range of sizes between XXS and XXXL.

04. The Perform Cropped Leggings

Price Range: $50.00

The wild plum leggings are made of 58% Recycled Nylon and 42% Elastane. For activities that are low or moderate, the leggings are perfect. In addition to being comfortable, the high waist is fashionable. Leggings with a minimal seam add aesthetic appeal, while a pocket on the inside makes them more practical. The leggings come in sizes from XXS-XL.

05. The Perform Pocket Leggings

Price Range: $58.00

These ultra-stylish cobalt Perform Pocket leggings are made from 58% recycled nylon and 42% elastane. It has leg-lengthening seams and side pockets. The leggings’ high waistline and sweat-wicking material make them an ideal choice for low and moderate activities. Women can stay comfortable and energetic all day long in these leggings. They are available in sizes XXS-XXL.

06. Go-to Cropped Legging

Price Range: $35.00

This pair of black cropped leggings is made from 89% organic cotton and 11% elastane in a Fair Trade factory in India. They’re great for daily errands since they’re figure-friendly. The mid-rise waist hugs the hips for a snug fit and lets you show off your curves.  The leggings come in sizes from XS-XXL.

07. Pocket Legging

Price Range: $45.00

The blue leopard full-length pocket leggings are made from 89% organic cotton from India and 11% elastane for versatility. These leggings have a high-rise waist and stretchy fabric, so they’re supremely stylish and sleek. The side pockets are perfect for cards, cash, keys, and phones! The leggings come in sizes from XS-XXL.

08. Go-to Cropped Pocket Legging

Price Range: $45.00

These navy heather cropped pocket leggings are made from 89% organic cotton and 11% elastane for style, comfort, and breathability. The leggings end at the right spot below the knees to give a sporty look and feel.The two side stash pockets are big enough to hold your phone, keys, and cards as you work all day long and relax in the evening.  The leggings come in sizes from XS-XXL.

09. Active Blended High-Waisted 3/4 Leggings with Pockets

Price Range: $69.95

Dark gray active blended leggings are made of 61% bamboo viscose, 27% organic cotton, and 12% spandex.  The high waist and ¾ length are highly convenient for daily use. And guess what? There are two side pockets and one hidden pocket on these leggings!  Stylish and versatile, right? The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

10. Full Leggings

Price Range: $30.95

The full length leggings are made of 80% bamboo viscose, 13% nylon, and 7% spandex for high breathability. The leggings are odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and thermal-regulated to provide comfort and ease in any kind of weather. The high waist leggings fit like a second skin and provide an all-new definition to the word ‘comfort.’ Versatile, flattering, and suitable for everyday use, these leggings are a bestseller of the company and are pocket-friendly. The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

11. Crop Leggings

Price Range: $23.95

These black crop leggings are made from 80% bamboo viscose, 13% nylon, and 7% spandex with organic bamboo grown in China.  These comfortable leggings have a mid-rise waist and slim fit with a wide, elastic-free waistband that hugs the waist nicely. The crotch area has a diamond-shaped gusset for extra stretchability and breathability. It creates a flattering appearance by highlighting the silhouette of the body.  The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

12. Manipura Leggings

Price Range: $70.00

Kalamata Manipura leggings are made with 90% Organic Cotton and 10% Spandex Comfort Stretch Jersey.  The leggings have been designed for yoga and workouts. They are sturdy, stretchable, comfy, casual, stylish, and supportive.  The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

13. The 7/8 Leggings

Price Range: $70.00

These mauve 7/8 leggings are made from a blend of 90% Organic Cotton and 10% Spandex Comfort Stretch Jersey. The leggings are designed to be multi-functional, from simple stretching to a full-fledged workout. In addition to providing a form-fitting appearance, the leggings are comfortable, easy to wear and extremely fashionable.  The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

14. Moon Phases Basic Legging

Price Range: $70.00

Plein Air moon phases leggings are 90% Organic Cotton and 10% Spandex for all-day comfort. These leggings are a mix of modern and classic in appearance, curving around the waist and legs in a shapely way. With these trendy leggings, you can flaunt any style. The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

15. Sage Legging

Price Range: $125.00

The red Sage leggings are made with a combination of 93% TANCEL (plant-based fabric) and 7% spandex for extra stretchability and comfort. The ankle-length, high-rise leggings are ideal for everyday activities. You can also keep cool while wearing these since they have pockets. The leggings come in sizes from 0-38.

16. Aspen Leggings: Ivy

Price Range: $120.00

These Aspen ivy leggings have 93% plant-based fabric and 7% spandex for an ergonomic fit. These high-rise leggings fit you in a smooth and stylish manner. Moreover, the leggings are opaque and form-fitting. They are stretchy, comfy, and allow your skin to breathe. The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

17. Aspen Leggings: Midnight

Price Range: $120.00

The Aspen midnight leggings are made out of 93% plant-based fabric called TANCEL, and 7% spandex.  Comfort and luxurious fitting are the USP of the leggings. Stretchy and soft, the ankle-fit high-rise leggings are a great choice for yoga and work. What’s even better, the leggings are curvy and soft on the skin! The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

18. Ecostretch High Rise Cropped Legging

Price Range: $78.00

These high rise leggings are made with 87% REPREVE® Polyester and 13% spandex for a perfect fit. The stretchy leggings are highly comfortable for low-impact activities. Their soft material and cropped design make them a great choice for everyday wear! The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

19. Ecostretch High Rise Leggings

Price Range: $26.40

87 percent REPREVE® Polyester and 13 percent spandex make up these new Ecostretch morning glory leggings. The double-layered leggings are designed for a tight, stylish fit. Slimmer and softer in appearance, they provide a minimalistic look.  The velvety touch on your skin will make you want to wear them all-day long. The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL.

20. Ecomove High Rise Leggings Es

Price Range: $26.40

The highrise serenade leggings are made of 79% REPREVE® Polyester and 21% spandex for a snug fit. These leggings are designed for medium to high-impact activities and are squat-proof. Yes! Their beauty and style are enhanced by the fabric’s slight sheen. What’s even more exciting is that they make you appear slimmer and more stylish. The leggings come in sizes from XS-XL and up to 3X.

21. Monica Crop Criss Cross Legging

Price Range: $48.00

Monica crop criss cross Heather rustic rose leggings are made from 88% Recycled Polyester and 12% Spandex to give you a nice, smooth fit. These double-brushed leggings have a wide waist and a curvy fit design to provide a worry-free and wrinkle-free appearance. The criss-cross detailing enhances the shapely calves! The leggings come in sizes from XS-XXL.

22. Rita Pocket High Rise 7/8 Sport Legging

Price Range: $78.00

These mauve dust Rita ⅞ sport leggings are made from  78% Recycled Polyester and 22% Spandex for people on the go. The leggings pass the squat test and have a compression fitting that allows you to work out with ease. In addition, the pocket is stylish and holds your phone, cards, cash, keys, etc. in style! The leggings come in sizes from XS-XXL.

23. Arielle Rib Legging

Price Range: $68.00

Heather breakwater Arielle rib leggings are made with 88% Recycled Polyester and 12% Spandex for the kind of comfort every woman wants. With a high waist and full-length design, these leggings are soft and curvy–and they come in a bunch of colors!  The leggings come in sizes from XS-XXL.

24. Black FLOAT High-Rise Legging

Price Range: $78.00

These black float leggings are made in Vietnam from 90% recycled plastic bottles and 10% spandex. These high-rise leggings provide maximum comfort while you’re exercising or on the go. Besides being sheer-proof, the leggings have a back pocket where you can store your keys and credit cards. Matte finishes look classy and trendy at the same time. Additionally, the leggings absorb swea

25. Earth Compressive High-Rise Legging

Price Range: $78.00

Made from 79% RPET (which diverts 25 bottles from landfills) and 21% spandex, these compression leggings are designed for women who live active lifestyles. The high-rise leggings are perfect for biking, running, climbing, and exercising to your heart’s content. The leggings hug your curves while allowing your skin to breathe and keeping you energetic from morning until night. The leggings come in sizes from XXS-6XL.

26. Own The Run Block 7/8 Running Leggings

Price Range: $65.00

These classic cropped leggings are made from 28% elastane and 72% recycled polyester. They are designed with Primegreen, which is a high-performance recycled material. Wear these leggings and keep track of your steps, clock your time, or just let your stride lead the way. The AEOREADY fabric wicks moisture and doesn’t let distractions get in the way while you run. With the drawcord on the elastic waistband, they fit snugly on the legs and are comfy on the waist. They’re available in black and gray, and sizes range from XS to XL. For an athletic look, wear them with a tank top and a pair of slip-ons.

27. Jacquard Knit Pocket Legging

Price Range: $55.00

These leggings are made from 89% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 11% elastane in a fair trade factory. With their herringbone jacquard knit, these are the most comfortable pocket tights. A side stash pocket keeps your essentials safe, and the high-rise waist sits just above your belly button. These leggings have a drawstring waistband and are 7/8 of an inch long. You can get the leggings in three colors: white/black, storm, or black. From XS to XXL, there is a size for everyone. These pants have a 25″ inseam, so they’re perfect for any occasion. Wash cold, then tumble dry to keep the fabric looking good.

28. Suedette High Waisted Flared Leggings

Price Range: $32.50

These soft leggings are a wardrobe must-have, made with 90% polyester and 10% elastane. Plus, they have an irresistible suedette finish. A flared leg and high waist give these leggings a statement look. With added stretch and an elasticized waistband, they’re comfortable and easy to wear. 

These leggings are a mix of classical and modern. They’re available in the US sizes 2-20, so you can wear them no matter what size you are. They come in black and chocolate colors, and if you wash them at 30 degrees, they’ll last long.

29. Zinnia Legging – Black

Price Range: $57.05

Are you looking for performance-based gym leggings that also look cute? Look no further! These tights are sustainably crafted from 92% recycled polyamide and 8% elastane, to offer the right compression and stretch, keeping you in place during workout. They’re also anti-bacterial, breathable, and versatile. The high-rise, ribbed waistband offers a flattering fit, so you’ll be comfortable, whether you’re doing yoga, running, or just chilling. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps sweat at bay. They’re available in 7/8, regular, and tall lengths. 
The leggings are cuffed just above the ankle and are contoured to give you a perfect fit. These are some of the colors you can choose from: mint, latte, sky, four-leaf clover, cool gray, chai, sea, grey, and black. The sizes range from X-Small to X-Large, so they’ll fit most people. If you don’t dry clean, bleach, or tumble dry them, these leggings can last long. Keep them looking brand new by washing them at 30 degrees and turning them inside out. You can pair them with a sports bra or long-sleeved top for an effortless gym look!

30. Goji RIB High-Rise Legging

Price Range: $88.00

Want to add a little more flair to your favorite leggings? Try these high-rise leggings. Even though they’re designed for working out, their soft texture makes them perfect for a button-up. They’re great for work or hanging out after class. These leggings have a 4-way stretch since they are made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET) and 17% spandex. They’re sheer-proof, sweat-wicking, and great for high-impact workouts. You can stash your keys and credit cards in the back pocket. The sizes run from XXS to XXL, and the colors are cypress, daydream, rye, goji, and black. There are 28.5″ and 23 3/4″ inseams so you can find the right fit. You can wash these tights in cold water, with no bleach, and lay them flat or hang them to dry.

31. Lisa2 Legging

Price Range: $70.96

Are you trying to find a comfy pair of buttery-soft leggings? This wildly popular pair of leggings is 90% bamboo-derived rayon, and 10% spandex. You can wear them high-waisted or fold them over. Made from breathable fabric, these leggings won’t fade or lose shape. Simply put, these tummy-smoothing leggings will become your wardrobe staple. They have non-athletic stitching to ensure a snug fit. These leggings run from X Small to XX-Large in tall and regular lengths. A few colors you can choose from are chocolate, sage, navy, charcoal, and port melange. You can get a pinstripe version, too, if you like stripes. These tights must be machine washed in cold water, without bleach, and laid flat to dry.

32. Move Stirrup Legging

Price Range: $95.00

Wish you could bend and move in your stockings? Get these leggings made of 8% Roica V550 and 92% organic cotton. A high elastic waistband lends extra stretch to these cotton jersey leggings. The stirrup cuffs reach the ankle, making them perfect for anyone 5’4″ or taller. They come in flamingo pink and black, but the black ones are made with recycled water. Wash them inside out, without bleach, to prolong their life.

33. Zonda Legging

Price Range: $88.00

Are you into outdoor adventures? You’ll love these comfy leggings, made with 25% elastane and 75% recycled polyester. Comfortable and practical, these leggings are perfect for any activity. They’re high-waisted, and the flat-locked seams prevent rubbing against your skin. A pocket keeps your phone, energy bars, and debit cards safe, while ergonomic panels contour your body and brushed recycled fabric keeps you warm. Now you can scale mountains or explore the coast without getting cold. The fabric wicks sweat, and there’s no waistband, so they won’t dig in. You can get them in an active cut with a 26.5″ inside leg. These black leggings come in sizes 8-16, and they’re machine washable.

34. Seana High Waisted Pocket Legging

Price Range: $94.12

These heavyweight leggings are 90% bamboo rayon and 10% lycra spandex. They’re soft and offer year-round comfort. The ultra-soft Capri leggings don’t fade or shrink, so you’ll have them forever. The side pockets on these leggings are 4″ wide and 6″ deep, so you can store your phone and keys. They’re high-waist, four inches wide, and fold over the hips. You can get these leggings in black, navy melange, or charcoal black, and sizes run XS-L. Machine wash them cold and lay them flat to dry to retain them for long.

35. Timehop Light Tight

Price Range: $80.00

What if you could wear performance fabrics that look good and aren’t “techy” at all? With moisture-wicking properties and a sleek look, these leggings offer sneaky performance features. There’s 92% polyester, 8% elastane in the black ones, 88% polyester, and 12% elastane in the grey. Thanks to the Polygiene® odor® control on this bluesign® certified polyester blend, you can wear these tights seven days a week. 

With a 28″ inseam, these stretchy tights offer a sculpted look, and they feel super soft on the skin. These slimming tights are available in XS-XL sizes. You can choose from mahogany, olive, navy, black, dark graphite melange, or get a striped version in black marled stripe. These tights can be machine washed without bleach and tumble dried. Fabric on tights can be ironed cool for longer life.