40 Sustainable Knitwear for Women & Men

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20 Sustainable Knitwear for Women

01. Lilac Top

Price Range: $78.00

Lilac Top Knitwear is made from 70% TENCEL (from eucalyptus tree) and 30% linen and is suitable for all occasions. The top has a slim-fitting sleeveless design with a crew neck. There’s something charming about this top’s ribbed neckline and hip-length ribbed hemline. It’s bra-friendly and gives your upper body a good shape without being too tight or clingy. Wear it with a skirt, jeans, or semi-casual pants and a jacket. The knitwear comes in sizes from XS to XL.

02. Cardigan in Wrap Optics

Price Range: $141.86

Powder cardigan in wrap optics knitwear is made from 100% organic cotton to provide a soft and body-hugging cardigan with long sleeves and a short belt at the waist. The cardigan has cuff-less sleeves, a symbol of a timeless design. It doesn’t have buttons, but the belt keeps it around your waist and makes it look stylish. You’ll love this cardigan if you like classic designs that can be worn with traditional and contemporary tops. It’s minimalistic, which highlights the beauty of this knitted cardigan. The knitwear comes in sizes from 34 to 44.

03. Sunset Trash Knit Sweater

Price Range: $165.53

The sunset trash knit sweater is made from 50% recycled cotton and is perfect for teens and adults. The sweater is soft on the skin and comes with long sleeves. It has ribbed cuffs, a ribbed hemline and a ribbed neckline. The sweater is loose-fitting over the body to narrow down a bit and hug the hips. It’s a pretty jacquard knit sweater. I like how it’s both traditional and modern, without being too bright or overwhelming. The knitwear comes in sizes from XS to XL.

04. Lise Top

Price Range: $283.68

Made from 100% Bolivian llama wool, the fog Lise top is comfortable and warm. It’s soft on the skin and slim fitting, neither too loose nor too tight. In an understated way, the top is elegant and classy with alternating pointelle patterns. It has 2/3 sleeves with ribbed cuffs to match the ribbed neckline and hemline. The best thing about this knitted top is that it can be paired with almost anything. The top is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day long. The knitwear comes in sizes from XS to L.

05. Knitted V-Neck Dress & Button-Down Cardigan Set

Price Range: $461.45

This knitted V-neck dress and button-down cardigan set is made from 100% organic cotton for a luxurious and airy feel. The set is a limited period offer where two of the most popular items of the brand- knitted V-neck dress and the relief button-down cardigan are offered as a single pair. This dress reaches mid-calf and hugs your curves for a slimming, form-fitting look.  Wear a belt at the waist to accentuate your figure and add to the overall look. You can wear it with any top. The shirt is loose-fitting and has a deep V-neck with buttons until the hemline. The long sleeves have ribbed cuffs and match the ribbed hemline. Guess what? The brand offers a custom-fit option so you can get one just for you. The knitwear comes in sizes from XS to XL.

06. The Sasha Sweater

Price Range: $248.00

Pacific knit Sasha sweater has 70% Lambswool, 30% Nylon and organic dyes. It’s soft, warm, and long enough to cover you up to mid-calf. The hemline and cuffs are ribbed to match the panel knit design. Long sleeves are perfect for cold weather. The best part is that this sweater has two big front pockets and an optional waist tie. Wear it loose or knot it around your waist for a shapely look. The knitwear comes in sizes XS/ S.

07. Knitted Sweater/ Raw White

Price Range: $157.00

Knitted in 100% organic cotton using the Shima Seiki with a 7 gauge purl, this sweater is super soft. It’s heavy, luxurious, and soft. It comes with raglan sleeves that end in ribbed cuffs. Made in Portugal using Italian yarn, the sweater provides a regular fitting and is great for indoors and outdoors. If you like the loose fit, order the next size up. You can pair it with a button-down shirt and jeans for a casual look. The knitwear comes in sizes from XS to XXL.

08. Black Pace Crew

Price Range: $246.00

Black pace crew jumper made with Fairtrade organic trade for comfortable fit all day long. A dropped shoulder and a mock turtleneck collar make it look modern. The jumper looks trendy with its long sleeves and ribbed cuffs. The loose ribbed hemline rests on your waist so it looks like a cropped top. I like that the jumpers are oversized and hand freely on the body. If you want a form-fitting jumper, order a size down. You can pair it with jeans, skirts, or yoga pants. The knitwear comes in sizes from XS to L.

09. Mona Hand Knitted Grey Wool Poncho

Price Range: $250.00

The gray Mona hand knit poncho uses highly sustainable yarn from Turkey. This winter special poncho is knitted in Denmark to keep you warm throughout the day. The mix of wool and cotton ensures that the poncho is soft on the skin. It fits women of all sizes and comes in a single size. Stylish and chic, the poncho has wide sleeves and a single, center button. Wear it with any top or dress to show off your style. The knitwear comes in a single size and fits up to a large bust of 40”.

10. HANA – GOTS Organic Cotton Jumper Apricot

Price Range: $71.00

The Hana-GOTS organic cotton jumper is made using 100% certified organic cotton and knitted in Nepal. It keeps you warm on a chilly day. You’ll love how the ribbed neckline, cuffs, and hemline contrast with the rest of it. It’s a traditional jumper with a focus on comfort and keeping you warm. With its geometric pattern in white and orange, this jumper is a classic. The knitwear comes in sizes 1-4 (UK: 8-16, EUR: 36-44).

11. Highline Wool Cable Crew Sweater

Price Range: $88.00

Elm white heather Highline wool cable crew sweater made with 44% recycled polyester, 30% organic cotton, and 26% wool. The cable crew knit sweater comes with dropped shoulders and long sleeves. To highlight the cable crew design, the sweater has ribbed cuffs, neckline, and hemline. It’s classy, modern, and practical to wear on a cold winter day. This sweater has a textured pattern that makes it stand out. You can size up if you want a comfortable and loose fit. The knitwear comes in sizes from XS to XL.

12. Wool Cashmere Cable Knit Turtleneck Tunic

Price Range: $450.00

Stylish and versatile, this granite wool cashmere cable knit turtleneck tunic is made from 70% wool and 30% cashmere. The long knit tunic has a roll-over ribbed collar that keeps your neck and throat warm on chilly days. The ribbed cuffs and hemline casually drape your hands and legs. It reaches mid-thigh and has a slit on the side for easy movement. You can wear it with leggings, jeans, or even a skirt in the winter. The tunic is loose-fitting and drapes over your body with casual grace. The knitwear comes in sizes from XXS to L.

13. Sweater made of Organic Cotton

Price Range: $59.57

The foggy blue sweater is made of 100% organic cotton and is suitable for casual wear. It has a curve-hugging ribbed design that’s soft on the skin. The long sleeves narrow at the wrists to make your arms look slim and slender. The U-neck highlights your collar bones. You can wear this sweater with jeans, leggings, or skirts. Wear it directly and top it with a light jacket for extra effect. The knitwear comes in sizes from XS to XL.

14. Diana – Navy Ruffle Knitted Top

Price Range: $87.09

Get ready for autumn with this new favorite piece from Palava. The knitted top is inspired by the little princess Diana ruffle design. Featuring a simple yet sophisticated design, it goes perfectly with jeans, trousers, and even skirts. 

Diana’s knitted top is made in Turkey with 100% organic cotton. The top is available in sizes from extra small (04-06) to 2XL (24-26). 

15. Dimension Ops Knitted Sweater

Price Range: $170.01

Knitted in a variety of colors, the Thinking MU multicolored sweater is a perfect addition to your neutral winter wardrobe. The sweater is made from extra thin wool, so it keeps you warm on cold days without making you look bulky. 

Organic wool is a sustainable product that promotes animal welfare. The sweater is made from 100% Extrafine wool, which is grown without pesticides to preserve biodiversity and soil health. The MU sweater comes in sizes from XS to XL.

16. Sweater Knitted Rutbo Blocks Grey

Price Range: $129.00

This fall, cozy up with this gorgeous Dedicated Wool Rutbo Blocks Gray sweater. With its combination of grey, white and black, it is perfect for layering with any neutral outerwear. A sweater like the Dedicated one will be a perfect choice for slightly windy days when you don’t want to wear anything heavy. Wear with your denim a pair of chunky boots for a complete look. 

The sweater is knitted from organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell. The fibers are derived from renewable raw materials without harming the environment. The composition consists of 50% organic cotton and 50% TENCEL™ Lyocell. It is available from XS to XL.

17. Chiara Merino Lambswool Cardigan

Price Range: $216.80

The Chiara merino lambswool cardigan from Baukjen features a vintage-inspired design with a Fairisle-style pattern on a neutral oatmeal base. Cardigans are one of the essential winter basics everyone should own. This design has an open front and a simple crew neck, making it perfect for pairing with jeans or leggings. 

The cardigan is made from 100% merino wool for maximum comfort. The sweater is available in sizes ranging from UK 6 to UK 18.

18. High Neck Striped Knitted Sweater

Price Range: $57.99

Wear this trendy oversized high neck striped sweater to bring your fall look to life. Feel cozy in this sweater from NU without sacrificing your style. It features dropped shoulders, long sleeves, and an oversized fit. With its comfy relaxed fit, it works well as a layering piece as well when it is extremely cold outside. 

The NU high neck sweater is made from 63% LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose and 37% Recycled Polyester.

19. Blue Recycled Denim Knit Lace Vest

Price Range: $145.00

Wear this trendy oversized high neck striped sweater to bring your fall look to life. Feel cozy in this sweater from NU without sacrificing your style. It features dropped shoulders, long sleeves, and an oversized fit. With its comfy relaxed fit, it works well as a layering piece as well when it is extremely cold outside. 

The NU high neck sweater is made from 63% LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose and 37% Recycled Polyester.

20. Fisherman Sweater Vest

Price Range: $127.00

Your search for the perfect neutral sweater vest ends here with the KOTN fisherman sweater vest. The sweater features traditional Aran stitch patterns. One of the fascinating things about the stitch is that each stitch carries its own meaning. 

For instance, the cable chain stitch signifies safety and bounty, and moss stitches signify abundance and nutrient-rich soil. Meanwhile, the tree stitch represents life and development. It is a great vest that can be worn on its own or layered beneath other garments. 

Our fisherman sweater vest is made of soft and fluffy extra-fine lambswool, which is 100% pure and natural 3G yarn. The knitting method utilizes extra-fine yarns that feel light and fluffy without causing any skin irritation or itching. You can choose from a wide size selection, starting at XS and going all the way up to XXL.

20 Sustainable Knitwear for Men

01. Recycled Knit Cardigan

Price Range: $78.00

This finely knitted, lightweight cardigan is made from recycled polyester and recycled cotton. The seven 90% bio-resin buttons on the front, give you the option to button all the way or leave it loose. This vegan knitwear combines comfy and smart, so you can dress down or up based on your individual style.

02. 100% Organic Knitted V-neck Unisex Vest

Price Range: $51.05

This knitted V-neck unisex vest is crafted from 100% cotton. Girls can team it with a pair of white trousers to bring about an androgynous look. While, the guys can pair it with classic, skinny, or slim-fit jeans for a sleek and relaxed look. You must avoid wearing oversized lowers or baggy jeans with this cardigan.

03. Silverstick Organic Pique Polo Shirt

Price Range: $47.91

Button up for scorching summers with this timeless polo shirt made from 100% organic cotton. The cotton shirt features a waffle-style knit that keeps you cool and makes for commendable casual and activewear. This versatile short with raglan sleeves, stand-up collar, and flat stick seams give you a wide selection of styling options. Hence, you buy less but better. It is available in deep-sea and faded denim colors. You can find your ideal size as the polo shirt comes in an S-XXL size range.  The 180gsm midweight fabric that makes the shirt must be machine or hand washed without bleach to retain it for long.

04. Murray Superfine Worsted Merino Cardigan | Emerald

Price Range: $425.00

This men’s cardigan is made from 100% ultra-fine worsted Merino wool that feels super soft on the skin. The shell buttons make the classic cardigan exciting. It is available in Light grey, emerald, dark navy, granite, Alhambra, raisin, and black colors besides an S – XXL size range. This cardigan is made from a two-ply yarn which means two yarns are twisted to make one strand. Hence, you can wear this light cardigan all year round. The regular fit cardigan also works as a perfect transitional layering piece that pairs well with straight-cut jeans.

05. Knit Shirt : Pavo

Price Range: $64.00

This slub shirt is crafted from 100% PETA-certified,  Fairtrade™, organic cotton. It is stretchable and has unbelievably casual feels. The shirt’s fabric has a natural texture that lends a distinctive touch to it and adds oodles of character. It feels soft and cozy on the skin and looks dapper with rolled-up sleeves. It is available in the S-XL size range and is cut in a slim-fit fashion. This shirt features a wide collar and has minimal detailing in the form of coconut shell buttons. You can machine wash it cold and iron lightly to prevent the garment from shrinking.

06. BP Signature’ Dark Grey Cashmere Knitted Polo

Price Range: $1350.00

This dark grey knitted polo shirt is incredibly smooth and soft on the skin. The fabric on the shirt is superfine cashmere that feels super silky and soft to touch and never feels bulky. It is available in the 34-52 size range. The sober dark grey color of the shirt offers a cool and contemporary edge, adding a subtle element of sophistication to an everyday wardrobe. You can pair this elegant shirt with steel blue or beige trousers for a polished look.

07. Pure Extra Fine Merino Polo Shirt

Price Range: $69.00

Add a relaxed vibe to your outfit with this classic, knitted polo shirt crafted from 100% merino wool. The collared neck, button-through fastening, and long-sleeved design impart an authentic look. The shirt is available under two size ranges. The regular fit varies from XS-4XL, while the long fit varies from M-4XL. It is available in the colors black and storm. This shirt can combine both contemporary and classic styles with equal panache; hence can easily slide into your wardrobe as an easy-to-wear wardrobe staple. Delicate machine wash or hand wash at 40°C is recommended to maintain the fabric alongside professional dry clean with no bleach usage.

08. Fitzroy – Ocean Blue

Price Range: $144.90

This alluring ocean blue knitted shirt is crafted from 100% organic cotton. It offers a regular fit and a hip-length cut and raglan join that gives the shirt a classic sweater style with the shoulder seams. The vegan shirt features three naturally-sourced corozo buttons that are sewn with an anchor-shaped thread. It is designed with the knitting of two types- there is a polo-style pique on the shirt’s body and an open, ribbed weave on the sleeves, which stretch up to the neckline. The short is available in the S-XL size range. You can dress it down by teaming it with light-colored, loose linen pants or denim jeans. But, you can also wear it up for a classy look by pairing it with chino trousers.

09. Vincent Organic Cotton Merino Wool Knitted Polo Navy

Price Range: $149.99

This knitted polo shirt is crafted from 15% extra-fine Merino wool and 85% cotton. It features ribbed trims, a collared neck, and long sleeves for extra warmth and comfort. This shirt is available in the S-XL size range and navy color. It works well for cooler and warmer months. This shirt has a cozy and soft feel which looks dapper when styled with slim tapered beige trousers and converse shoes. To tap into the 50’s Hollywood vibes, you can also pair the polo shirt with a suede jacket. Since this shirt is made from recycled and upcycled fibers, you must hand or machine wash it in less than 30 degrees and let it dry naturally.

10. T-shirt Knitted Husum Blue

Price Range: $65.00

This jacquard knit pattern shirt is crafted with 100% organic cotton. It offers a standard fit and features a round, ribbed neckline. The 12 gauge t-shirt is available in the XS- XXL size range and mint, blue, denim blue, dark black, and blue colors. This funky short-sleeve T-shirt can be worn with solid color jeans and can also be paired with a casual blazer over it.

11. Knitpolo Made of Organic Cotton

Price Range: $81.70

This Kurzarm sleeved, 68 centimeters knitted polo shirt is crafted from organic cotton. It is available in deep navy color and in an S- Xl size range. You can go entirely monochrome by pairing the shirt with deep navy jeans or introduce a bright pop of color by pairing it with beige or camel color pants.

12. Moonwake Long Sleeve Shirt

Price Range: $110.00

This campfire-approved, super-soft organic cotton shirt is crafted from 20% recycled polyester and 80% organic cotton. The lofty insulated layer of the shirt has thermoregulating qualities that keep you warm as the mercury drops. This 29” shirt features oversized flap-chest pockets secured with buttons; and is both comfortable and sustainable. It wicks moisture and makes you look dapper and rugged at the same time. 

This shirt is available in S- XXL size range and in Serano, heather gray, and navy colors. Machine washing in cold water is suggested to protect the shirt’s color besides tumble drying on low heat. You can also cool iron if required to maintain the shirt, but bleaching is not recommended under any circumstance.

13. Pablo Knitted Polo Shirt Alves Charcoal

Price Range: $272.00

This melange wool knit, softly-brushed, mid-weight jumper is crafted from 100% extra-fine wool. It is sophisticated and smart in equal measure and is a refined knitwear piece perfect for layering. This jumper comes in versatile neutral colors of navy and charcoal alongside a size range of S-XXL. The regular-fit polo jumper features cuffs and a ribbed-knit collar in contrast color and can be an uber-modern essential for your wardrobe. Handwashing it in cold water is recommended if you wish to sustain this jumper for a long time.

14. Mid Blue Miki Knitted Sweater

Price Range: $147.39

A Perfect Striped Sweater Never Goes Out of Style, and here is one from Thinking MU that will make your winter look colorful. The mid-blue Miki knitted sweater features a round neck, red and white stripes, and a regular fit. Red and white stripes bring in festive colors, making the sweater perfect for Christmas. 

The blue Miki sweater is made from 90% cotton and 10% cashmere. Avoid bleaching and machine drying the sweater for best results. The men’s sweater is available in sizes S through XXL.

15. Mid Blue Miki KnittedShort Sleeve Knitted T-shirt Husum Mint

Price Range: $65.00

Get your hands on the short sleeve knitted men’s t-shirt from Dedicated. This design features a funky jacquard pattern knit, a ribbed round neckline, and a standard fit. It is a great piece for casual days out or for a quick trip to the grocery store. The knitted fabric will keep you warm on windy or slightly chilly days. 

Keeping the sustainability aspect in mind, the t-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton. It is available in sizes XS to XXL.

16. Knitted Contrast Vest

Price Range: $52.99

Here is another knitted vest by NU from the men’s collection. The contrast vest has a blue body, while the neckline, hemline, and sleeve edge are white. The combination of white and blue gives it a stylish finish. With its versatility, the item pairs well with loose-fit pants as well as denim pants. 

Designed in Portugal, the NU vest is made with 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled polyester. The stylish piece comes in sizes that range from XS to XXL.

17. Waffle Crewneck

Price Range: $110.00

The KOTN Waffle Crewneck sweater comes with a textured finish to amp up your regular winter wear. With BCI cotton in a waffle stitch, this sweater feels extremely comfortable without irritating the skin in any way. Additionally, the fabric is quite breathable and lightweight, making it perfect for layering. 

The waffle crewneck sweater is made from 100% BCI cotton using the OEKO-TEX® non-toxic dyes, which are harmless to the environment as well as to human health. You can get this sweater from XS to XXL.

18. Knitted Merino Sleeveless Jumper

Price Range: $69.00

Grab this knitted merino sleeveless jumper from Marks & Spencer, which is a perfect piece to throw over your shirts or t-shirts. The design is inspired by a traditional cable design found in the Marks & Spencer archives, which has its roots among sports fans. Detailing includes a deep V-neck with a straight cut fit defining a refined silhouette. 

The Carlton extra fine merino cable sleeveless vest is made from 100% merino wool. The sourced material is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). The vest is available in a wide range of sizes between XS and XXXX. 

19. Imbros – Navy

Price Range: $146.37

The TwoThirds turtleneck sweater is made from mulesing-free wool that keeps you warm in the cold weather. An old-fashioned faded effect is created by knitting the sweater in a way to give it a worn look. The Imbros navy sweater features a regular fit and is hip-length. The sweater’s ombre effect looks perfect paired with light-colored pants and a long overcoat. 

It is made from 100% mulesing-free wool and is available in sizes extra small to large.

20. Polo Knit Sweater Coro Greige for Men

Price Range: $85.81

Jan N June’s unisex polo knit sweater is made from certified organic cotton. The Coro sweater has a wide cut, full sleeves, and a collared neckline. The polo sweater can be worn either with the ends tucked in or left loose; either way, it looks stylish. For a decked-out winter look, grab this chic sweater. 

The sweater is made from 100% Bio-Baumwolle cotton, a sustainable and easy-to-maintain material. The Coro sweater comes in sizes from XS to XL.