20 Sustainable G Strings

Discover sexy g-strings made with sustainable materials and fibers that still look great.  Whether your looking for standard, curvy, extended, or plus sizes, we’ve found something for everyone.

01. G-String

Price Range: $12.95

Light grey marl G-string underwear is made of 79% bamboo viscose, 15% nylon, and 6% elastane for a super comfy fit. They are seamless so they don’t hurt your skin around your waist. The fabric is soft and breathable so you can move with ease. It’s got a throwback cut that makes you feel light and comfortable all day. Women who like underwear that feels like it’s barely there on the skin will love this one. The G-string is hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking. It’s great for wearing all year round. The underwear comes in sizes from XS to XL.

02. G-String Thong Silky Lace

Price Range: $13.00

Confetti dots G-String Thong silky lace underwear is made from recycled nylon with FreeStretch™ elastic for a sexy and luxurious fit. G-strings are super cute for date nights, and they emphasize both comfort and appearance. It looks great under any dress and has a modern feel. The thin straps don’t dig into the skin or cause any irritation. The front mesh is translucent and soft on the skin. The G-string thong comes in sizes from XS to 3XL.

03. Cheeky G

Price Range: $13.00

The blue Cheeky G underwear features 80% Tencel, 20% Elastane, and Polyamide for a soft and natural fit. The breathable fabric is so good on the skin that it doesn’t suffocate, slide, or cause any trouble. Wear it all day long, whether to work, parties, or at home. The semi-seamless design and the thin waistband with a soft curve at the front and back wouldn’t hurt the lower tummy or the hollow of the spine. These are wear-and-forget underwear that come in true sizes. The underwear ranges from 8 to 20 Australian sizes.

04. Moana High Waist G-String

Price Range: $38.00

Honey Moana high waist G-string underwear is made of 90% bamboo, 10% spandex, and natural plant dyes. The underwear comes in an everyday design for women who prefer comfortable and colorful innerwear. It’s a combination of old-school and contemporary that covers the skin as much as required, that too without pinching or digging in. The G-string comes in sizes from XS to 5XL.

05. Luisa – G-String

Price Range: $29.95

With a geometric pattern, the Luisa G-string in navy is made from organic cotton, polyester, and elastane. The underwear ticks all the boxes by being trendy, cozy, modest, and soft on the skin. The low-waist G-string comes with a polka dot mesh and a cotton panel at the V. The waistband is straight, and the side cuts are perfectly curved to rest above the thighs. The G-string is figure-friendly and snug. It’s a great choice for daily use. The underwear comes in sizes from XS to XL.

06. G String

Price Range: $18.50

The white G-string is made from 95% certified organic cotton and 5% elastane for a great fit. The underwear is designed to provide a barely-there look and feel. It comes with a low-waist cut that doesn’t pinch the bottom or press into the skin. The underwear comes in smaller sizes, so buy the next size for a perfect fitting. Wear it at home or for work and stay active and comfy. The G-string comes in sizes 6 to 22 (European).

07. G String (2 Pack)

Price Range: $45.00

Made from 95% GOTS certified organic cotton and 5% recycled elastane, this navy G-string is soft, gentle, and perfect fitting. The underwear is breathable and has a high moisture-wicking ability to keep you fresh through the day. Made in India using lightweight fabric, the underwear feels like a second skin. The design is simple yet classy and timeless. If you prefer understated innerwear designs, this model is for you. The low-waist cut has a soft curve, and the underwear provides minimum bottom coverage. The G-string comes in sizes from XS to XL.

08. Pink Clay G-String

Price Range: $45.00

Pink clay G-string is made of 90% Lenzing modal and 10% elastane, with a gusset made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. The G-string is soft on the skin and stretches over the waist to provide a comfortable and luxurious fitting. The best part about the design is that it can be worn low on the waist or halfway through. Those who prefer high-waist G-strings can size up and still be sure that it won’t slip or feel too loose. The underwear comes in sizes from 6 to 26 (Australian).

09. Boody – G-String

Price Range: $12.95

The blush boody G-string is designed for everyday use. The underwear provides bare minimum coverage for the bottom and rides low at the waist. It is form-fitting and feels gentle on the skin even when worn for long hours. The underwear comes in sizes from XS to XL.

10. Eva Organic Bamboo G-String

Price Range: $37.99

Olive Eva Organic Bamboo G-string is made from 90% Lyocell bamboo and 10% spandex with natural dyes. The G-string is soft and luxurious on the skin and comes in a double layer for modest coverage. The waist band has a deep curve, with the sides resting high on the hips and the center dipping below the waist at the front. The G-string feels cozy and cute when worn throughout the day. The underwear comes in sizes from XS to XL.

11. Cheeky G Brief

Price Range: $8.00

When it comes to underwear, comfort and breathability are the primary concerns among ladies. The Native Basics Cheeky G Brief is here to become your new fav undergarment thanks to its breathable fabric, comfortable fit, and thin, soft waistband. These g-strings come with seamless stitches, so no VPL when you wear them under your tight gym tights. 

It’s made from 80% Lenzing Tencel, 20% Elastane and Polyamide.

12. Sweet Violet G-String

Price Range: $33.00

The Sweet Violet G-string from the Jackfruit Label is made of soft as feather fabric that feels super luxurious and sung. The elastic waistband and leg hems won’t restrict your movement, keeping you comfortable during long hours at work or school. 

Sweet Violet G-string is made out of 90% Lenzing Tencel modal and 10% elastane. It comes in sizes 6 to 26. 

Tip: Size up for better breathability and all-day comfort.

13. Lyolyte G-String

Price Range: $15.95

Don’t let awkward panty lines bother you anymore with the Lyolyte G-string from BoodyWear. This one has a smooth, seamless design, so it’d be perfect to wear under bodycon dresses or gym tights. Besides, the mid-rise cut with the soft wait elastic won’t pinch your skin which means no rashes or cuts. 

This G-string is made from 68% Bamboo Lyocell, 24% Nylon and 8% Spandex. Sizes range from XS to XL, with seven colors to choose from.

14. Ruby G

Price Range: $8.00

With a day full of activities planned and the sun blazing outside, you wanna wear a G that doesn’t give you rashes or irritate your skin. The Ruby G underwear by Nativ Basics is exactly what you need on those days. It is made of the softest fabrics making it best for all-day comfort. 

It’s made of 80% Lenzing Tencel, 20% Elastane and Polyamide, and comes in sizes S to XXL.


15. Hokey Pokey G-String

Price Range: $33.00

You’ve gotta get yourself the Hokey Pokey g-string by Jackfruit Label. It’s bright, it’s comfy, and it’s seamless. What else do you need in underwear? The flat fabric sits flat on your skin, keeping you comfortable for long working hours. 

It’s made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Get it in sizes from 6 to 26.


16. Marilyn G-String

Price Range: $25.00

The Marilyn G-string is made of the softest cotton with a seamless design, so now you don’t have to be conscious of your VPL showing through. Wear it under your workout tights or your bodycon skirt; either way, it will make you feel comfortable and confident. 

The G-string fabric has 95% organic and 5% elastane. It comes in sizes from S to XL and in three colors.


17. G-String Thong Gold Silky Mesh

Price Range: $13.00

Girls looking for a luscious thong, the Parade G-string Gold Silky Mesh can be your new favorite. It is made from sheer silky mesh for that barely-there feel, and the gold trims on the side enhance the design even more. The breathable cotton and the LuxStretch™ elastic will keep you comfortable all day. 

It’s made of 95% recycled nylon, 5% elastane, and a cotton lining. There are a bunch of sizes from S to XXL. Plus, there are three different colors.


18. Black G-String

Price Range: $30.00

An all-black G-string makes it to every women’s intimate wear collection, and the Jackfruit black G-string fits right in. The fabric feels luxurious; the flexible design won’t irritate your skin, making it perfect for everyday wear. 

It’s made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. It is available in sizes 6 to 26. 



19. G-String Thong Silky Mesh

Price Range: $11.00

The parade G-string thong silky mesh panties are made with sleek LuxStretch™ elastic and have a cotton lining. The sheer and super silky mesh will give you that barely-there feel. 

The thong is made from 95% recycled nylon, 5% elastane, and a cotton lining. Get it in sizes from XS to 3XL.



20. Undyed G-String

Price Range: $30.00

The last product on the list has to be an ever-loved all-white G-string. This one from Jackfruit Label is sure to become your ride or die with its soft and luxurious fabric. Wear it under your activewear or casual wear; either way, there is no compromise on comfort. 

It’s made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Get it in sizes from 6 to 26.