40 Sustainable Boxers Shorts

We’ve got 40 really great options for you, whether you’re looking for a clingy boxer brief or a loose pair of boxer shorts, we’ve got a style and fit that will suit you.

01. 3 Pack Pure Cotton Woven Boxers

Price Range: $30.00

With a button fly, these boxers come in a regular fit and are made of 100% cotton. It features StayNEW technology for long lasting color and finishes. This three-pack set features polka dots and floral paisley patterns.

02. Stretch Cotton Boxer Briefs 3 Pairs

Price Range: $36.00

With their quick-drying, soft fabric, these boxer briefs will keep you fresh all day long. The cotton used for these briefs is sustainably sourced.

03. Knit Boxers

Price Range: $14.00

This pair of knit boxers offers full coverage with an extended leg and low-rise and relaxed fit at the waist. It comes with a smooth and flat waistband, as well as a functional button fly. Prewashed, the fabric is shrink-resistant.

04. Mens Boxers

Price Range: $28.00

Comfortable and breathable, these hemp boxers provide adequate support all day long. With no rolling or bunching up, you can move freely without fear.

05. Men’s Original Boxers

Price Range: $19.95

A classic boxer that fits and stretches, so you’re comfortable all day long. It features a wide, ribbed yet soft, and seam-free waistband that is smooth to the touch and easy on the skin. With all-around comfort since these men’s boxers sit mid-rise on your waist.

06. Boxer Shorts In Natural Fabric

Price Range: $32.78

These boxers offer ease of movement and lightness due to their ergonomic cut. Featuring eco-friendly and natural beech fiber fabric that is silky and soft to the touch. They easily fit any body type, are durable, and are quick-drying. They are made of a vegan material that has antibacterial and antiallergenic properties.

07. Michael Men’s Stripe Bamboo Jersey Boxer

Price Range: $20.39

They are produced using an organic cotton jersey and a breathable and soft bamboo blend, which makes them durable and odor-resistant. The shorts come in three new colors and are fitted with an elasticized waist that conforms to your body perfectly.

08. The Boxer Brief 3-Pack

Price Range: $70.00

Made with Egyptian cotton that is woven and spun. The fabric is soft and durable. Fitted and yet flexible, these shorts provide high support without bunching. You can move freely while they stay in place.

09. Men’s Organic Boxer Shorts

Price Range: $16.37

These organic boxer shorts feature quirky prints and are extra soft and comfortable. This unique piece is a must-have for any cool guy.

10. 5-pack St. Luke Forest Diamonds

Price Range: $142.55

The item is made out of super soft eucalyptus, has a regular fit and medium leg design, and has comfortable stitching. It has a soft waistband that matches the fabric’s color. It does not have itchy labels

11. Boxer Briefs

Price Range: $34.00

The ultimate classic boxer briefs that offer style and comfort at the same time. Fabricated from soft woven material, its waistband doesn’t roll and offers a smooth finish.

12. Boxers – 2-Pack

Price Range: $45.63

A timeless piece featuring a special blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

13. Boxer Brief “Classy Claus” Green V

Price Range: $33.12

Classic boxer brief with front opening and medium leg length. Made from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, with an extra soft woven elastic waistband. It features an exclusive organic cotton blend as well. The unique front detail of contrasting ribbons adds to its appeal. Comfortable and stylish at the same time.

14. Boxershorts 3-Pack

Price Range: $31.00

With a minimalistic design, this underwear is classic. It’s made of sustainable materials and designed for comfort.

15. Boxer Briefs Kalix Bananas Pink

Price Range: $24.00

Look good and feel fabulous with these soft jersey briefs. Made from the highest grade of certified organic cotton, it has a special logo waistband and unique banana prints.

16. Organic Cotton Rib-Flex Boxers 2-Pack

Price Range: $65.00

You’ll love these pure organic cotton boxer briefs. Produced without synthetic materials and with ribbed texture. It provides extra comfort as well as a natural stretch.

17. Jules – Men’s Boxer Brief

Price Range: $34.00

Featuring extra soft seams and organic cotton fabric, this men’s boxer brief is an ideal piece for pure comfort.

18. Ben Boxer Shorts, Pack Of 2

Price Range: $29.26

An elastic waistband with stitched-down fabrication makes them very comfortable. There is a button on the fly, and there are no side seams for all-day comfort.

19. Psycho Red Boxer

Price Range: $34.15

Boxer shorts that are stylish, durable, and comfortable. They are made from sustainable materials, like recycled polyester buttons and organic cotton fabric. They are loose-fitting for extra breathability.

20. Eddy Boxers

Price Range: $48.00

This isn’t your average pair of boxers. 80% Merino wool makes these boxers very soft and temperature-regulating. Among the other advantages of Merino wool is that it wicks moisture, dries quickly, is antibacterial, and is odor-resistant. Truly extraordinary.

21. Organic Basics Tencel Boxers 2-Pack Dark Green

Price Range: $52.79

With the Tencel fabric that’s smoother and softer than cotton and silk, these boxers are a timeless classic. The elastic waistband provides a comfortable fit as well.

22. M’s Desoli Boxers

Price Range: $50.00

Exceptionally versatile. The boxer is designed to keep you cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. Made from odor-resistant, and quick-drying Merino wool. These boxer shorts also contain recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable fibers.

23. Boxer-Brief

Price Range: $35.00

Featuring an ergonomic design and materials sourced from Australian Eucalyptus trees. The fabric is cooler than linen and softer than silk. Thanks to the ergonomic design, there are no wedgies nor chafing

24. Tencel Boxers 2-Pack

Price Range: $65.99

Featuring a classic design and an extra comfortable elastic waistband. The boxers are made from Tencel, a fabric that is extremely lightweight, breathable, and soft.

25. Performance Mesh Boxer Briefs

Price Range: $35.00

Need boxers that keep you comfortable while you sweat it out at the gym? Here they are. These Adidas performance mesh boxer briefs give you plenty of ventilation, and the moisture-wicking fabric makes you feel relaxed. Plus, the soft waistband won’t leave any marks or rashes on your skin. 

The boxers are made of 92% polyester and 8% elastane.

26. White Giza 45 Cotton Boxer Shorts

Price Range: $500.00

The Brioni cotton boxer shorts are made from super comfy cotton fabric and feature a regular fit. The fabric sits light and soft on the skin with a silky touch for that luxurious feeling. 

The white Giza shorts are made from organic cotton and are available in sizes S to XXL.

27. Natural Fabric Boxer Shorts

Price Range: $33.09

Casagin natural fabric boxers are designed to fit your body perfectly. The comfortable natural fabric used in production makes them perfect for everyday wear. It’s also super soft, stretchy, and quick drying.  

They’re made from 92% TENCEL™ Modal (vegetable fiber derived from beech wood) and 8% elastane.

28. Boxer Trunks Offwhite

Price Range: $40.00

Get your hands on this Nudie Jeans underwear that has a regular fit with a very short length and button fly. These shorts are made from soft jersey organic fabric so that you stay comfortable all day long. The relaxed fit of these boxers makes them perfect for everyday wear. 

These boxers are made from 92% cotton and 8% elastane.

29. Boxer Shorts Black

Price Range: $40.00

The best boxer shorts should have a basic relaxed fit that you can wear while lounging or when going to sleep. The Nudie Jeans shorts are made of soft jersey fair trade fabric to keep you relaxed and comfortable. 

These are made of 92% cotton and 8% elastane. It comes in sizes XS-XXL.

30. Boxer Briefs Greymelange

Price Range: $40.00

You’re not going to find a better men’s boxer collection than this one from Nudie jeans. These gray melange boxer briefs have a shaped center front seam and slightly longer legs. The fabric is super soft and lightweight so that you can wear it all day long. 

The shorts are made from 92% Cotton and 8% Elastane. Sizes come from XS to XXL and in three colors.

31. Tencel™ Lite Boxer Shorts

Price Range: $27.00

Get your hands on the Organic Basics lite boxer shorts. It has wider leg and a loose fit to keep you all relaxed the whole day. With their lightweight fabric, these shorts keep you cool on hot summer days. 

The shorts are made from 95% lyocell TENCEL™ and 5% elastane. You can get it in sizes from S to XXL.

32. Men’s Plain Organic Boxer Shorts

Price Range: $27.00

When it comes to boxers, comfort is key, and you don’t need a super fancy one only to make you feel uncomfortable all day. These plain organic boxer shorts from Rapanui clothing are made with breathable fabric, so they’re perfect for everyday wear. 

These are made from 95% Organic Cotton and 5% Sorona. You can get them in two colors and sizes, S – L. 

33. Oversized Floral Boxer

Price Range: $19.50

Add some prints to your boxer collection with this Banana Republic oversized floral boxer. These boxers are made of lightweight cotton fabric and have an elasticized waistband for all-day comfort. You can wear these for a relaxing day at the pool or beach without worrying about getting all sweaty.

34. Bora Bamboo Boxer

Price Range: $34.00

The Bora Bamboo boxer by Finisterre can become your next favorite boxer to wear every day. It’s made of moisture-wicking bamboo fabric that regulates temperature. Besides, the fabric is naturally antibacterial, so you won’t have to worry about body odor.

35. Eddy Merino Wool Boxers

Price Range: $48.00

Get these Eddy Merino wool boxers as they’re quick drying, super soft, and regulate your body temperature. In addition, the fabric is also anti-bacterial and odor-resistant, so there is no compromise on comfort. 

Eddy Merino boxers are made of 80% Superfine Merino Wool and 20% Biodegradable Polyamide.

36. Psycho Blue Boxer

Price Range: $48.00

The light relaxing prints of the Psycho blue boxer scream all summer. This pair of boxers has a nice length and a relaxed fit, which makes it comfortable for all-day wear. These are made from sustainable organic cotton, making them the best option to pick.

37. Men’s Everyday Boxers

Price Range: $27.95

The Boody men’s everyday boxers are made from breathable organic bamboo, making them perfect for everyday wear. A touch of stretch allows the material to hug your body to give it the perfect shape. Additionally, these boxes have a double-layered pouch and soft elastic waistband. 

The boxers are made from 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Elastane and the trim has 88% Nylon and 12% Elastane. You can get them in sizes small to XL. 

38. Men’s Everyday Long Boxers

Price Range: $29.95

Men’s long boxers by Boody are crafted in organic cotton so that you can wear them all day without getting uncomfortable. The boxers are mid-thigh length, have soft elastic waistbands and a double-layer pouch, so you stay comfortably relaxed all day. 

It’s made from 95% bamboo viscose, 5% elastane, and the trim is 88% nylon, 12% elastane. You can get it in sizes S to XL.

39. M’s Mix Wind Shorts

Price Range: $80.00

This M’s Mix Wind Shorts by Houdini Sports will keep you warm and breathable on windy, cold days. Made with fleece and an additional wind protection layer, these will keep you all comfortable while you venture out for any winter activity. A soft waistband, perfect seams, and moisture-wicking fabric make these boxers the perfect guy’s underwear. 

It’s 57% polyester, 33% polyamide, and 10% elastane. They are available from size XS to XXL. 

40. ETHAN Boxer shorts

Price Range: $80.00

Get these twin pack boxers from Living Crafts that ensure perfect fit and supreme comfort for everyday wear. These have a casual jersey boxer style with buttons. They’re sure to make a great addition to your boxer collection. 

The Ethan boxers come in sizes from S to XXL and are made from 100% organic cotton.