The 17 Best Clothing Upcycling YouTube Channels

Looking for a fun and creative way to upcycle your old clothes? Check out these 10 amazing DIY clothing upcycling YouTube channels!

They offer tons of great tutorials on how to turn old clothes into new and stylish pieces. So whether you’re looking to create a new outfit or just give an old one a fresh new look, these YouTube channels have you covered.

01. WithWendy

WithWendy is a YouTube channel that provides videos about DIY fashion to all users. You can also find a playlist (31 videos) dedicated to upcycling clothes. In addition to upcycling videos, the channel features sewing basics and thrifting hacks. You can learn about downsizing your jeans in a video from the channel. It releases new videos every Saturday so you can get weekly updates on upcycling.

02. Fashion Wanderer

Fashion Wanderer is a channel dedicated to helping DIY clothing enthusiasts get started. The channel owner, Soonjoo, makes videos about upcycling old clothes. Some videos provide tutorials on sewing patterns, thrift clothing, and wardrobe creation. One of the most helpful videos on this channel is this tutorial on DIY T-shirt refashion. Featuring many videos, you can browse this channel for more tips on how to upcycle your clothes.

03. JENerationDIY

JENerationDIY is a channel owned by Jennifer with videos on DIY, fashion, beauty, and food. The channel has a playlist with hundreds of videos on DIY tutorials, including some videos on upcycling clothes. The best one we like so far is the DIY clothing transformation, part of the channel’s thrift flip series. Here in JENerationDIY, you can also find other lifestyle tips and tricks with hundreds of videos.

04. Coolirpa

Coolirpa is a Youtube channel where you can watch tutorials on DIY fashion and upcycling old clothing. You can watch playlists about upcycling clothes, thrift clothing transformations, and no-sew DIYs on the channel. This episode of the Thrifted Transformation is one of the best we like on the channel. There are hundreds of videos and new releases every week, making Coolirpa an excellent resource for your upcycling projects.

05. BlueprintDIY

The BlueprintDIY YouTube channel offers helpful videos on upcycling clothes. The channel owner, Angeline, aims to help people improve their wardrobe. You can watch playlists about DIY fashion hauls and lifestyle, simple upcycling for wardrobe transformation, and best upcycling and refashioning videos on this channel. One of our favorite clips on this channel is the cool ways to upsize jeans video. At BlueprintDIY, you’ll find eco-friendly, budget-friendly fashion tutorials with new releases every week.

06. The Lineup

The fashion channel called The Lineup offers lookbooks, tutorials, and DIYs that can help upcycle your clothes. This channel has playlists of outfits and lookbooks that might serve as inspiration for your upcycling. You can find fashion tips and thrift haul videos to inspire your creativity. Here’s our favorite video on how to put together an outfit. The Lineup offers hundreds of videos and new releases every week, making it a reliable channel for upcycling.

07. madebyaya

Madebyaya provides tutorial videos related to sewing, thrifting, refashioning, and upcycling. The channel owner, Aya, creates videos that you can enjoy, with playlists about sewing hacks, tips, and tricks that are essential guides if you plan to upcycle your clothes. Upcycling ideas on this channel are also for shoes, hats, and bags. Our favorite video is the tutorial on how to turn men’s shirts into matching sets. The channel contains hundreds of videos that will help you with your upcycling journey.

08. Sarah Tyau

YouTube channel Sarah Tyau specializes in video tutorials about upcycling and refashioning old clothes. Among its playlists is the refashion vision series. In this playlist, you can find videos of how to upcycle old clothes to give viewers a better understanding of the process. The channel also offers tutorial videos and tips and tricks for picking out clothes, sewing techniques, and thrifty hacks. This video on 7 Ways to Transform Old Clothes is one of our favorites from the channel.

09. Laura Pifer

Laura Pifer is a youtube channel that offers tutorials about upcycling and refashioning old clothes. Through this blog, viewers can learn about upcycling techniques. You can see examples of upcycling men’s shirts, jeans, and other kinds of clothing on this channel into something stylish, fashionable, and new. One of the best tutorials on this channel demonstrates how to upcycle old jeans into a denim jacket. Although there are only a few videos on the channel, everyone provides a great idea to ignite your imagination.

10. Kali Nicole Creative

The Kali Nicole Creative channel is dedicated to creating upcycled clothing. Videos on the channel show how the items are repurposed into something new. Thus, the channel offers viewers ideas for their upcycling projects. We love the video refashioning a white button-down into something stylish from the channel. Besides the upcycling ideas, Kali Nicole Creative also creates videos about thrift hauling, thrift flipping, and other upcycling tutorials.

11. Ajs Vintage Designs and Fashion Toppings

Aj’s Vintage Designs and Fashion Toppings is a Youtube channel offering fashion and sewing tutorials, furniture painting, crafts, home decor, and many shopping hauls. There are new videos posted every week, and you can find upcycling ideas with its refashioning and sewing projects. We particularly like the tutorial on altering men’s shirts to fit women. This channel is an excellent resource for your upcycling ideas, with hundreds of videos to watch.

12. febelsa DIY

Febelsa DIY is a YouTube channel where upcycling enthusiasts can watch videos of its upcycling projects. These videos show you how you can upcycle creatively through individual projects. The video tutorial for making twist knot front dresses is one of our favorites on the channel. Febelsa DIY can be your resource if you want to move forward in your upcycling endeavors. The site features several videos every week.

13. Lifting Pins and Needles

The Lifting Pins and Needles channel features videos on upcycling projects, particularly sewing tricks and tips. The video tutorials will teach different sewing techniques, including pattern drafting, pattern hacking, refashioning, and pattern mash-ups. Our favorite video in the channel demonstrates how to adjust pants’ crotch length quickly and easily. Besides the videos on this channel, you can find helpful tips and tricks there.

14. Confessions of a Refashionista

The channel Confessions of a Refashionista features step-by-step guidelines on upcycling. Every video ranges from groovy clothing and accessories to funky home decor. The channel owner strives to live an affordable and sustainable lifestyle by upcycling old clothing into new and stylish ones. There are also playlists for upsizing tutorials and hacks, denim refashions, and upcycling outfits, footwear, accessories, and gifts. Our favorite video is the tutorial on shrinking or downsizing a dress. The channel also has a wealth of information and inspiration for upcycling enthusiasts with hundreds of videos every week.

15. Sparrow Refashion

Sparrow Refashion is a channel that posts video tutorials for upcycling enthusiasts. It covers sewing, refashioning, recycling, upcycling old clothes, DIY fashion, making patterns, beginner advice, and thrift flip ideas. Viewers can also find helpful sewing tips and tricks in the channel and more. Our favorite is the video clip tutorial on refashioning a DIY easy sweater from a thrift store. You can also find other helpful tips and tricks in the rest of the videos.

16. Elizabeth Bryson

Elizabeth Bryson is another channel you will enjoy if you’re into upcycling. It features DIY fashion tutorials like upcycling clothes, offering viewers a variety of creative ways to do so. You can also find video tutorials for upcycling home decor on the channel. One of our favorite videos is the tutorial on turning a dress shirt into a ruffle-sleeve top. For more videos on the topic, you can also browse the playlists on the channel.

17. Tiffany Michey

Tiffany Michley is a channel owned by a DIY Fashion Content Creator and Thrifter. With a series of videos, the channel aims to teach viewers how to build a more sustainable wardrobe by sharing tutorials such as vintage upcycling, DIY accessories and reimagined and upcycled apparel. One of our favorite clips from the channel is refashioning a men’s shirt into a wrap top with ruched sleeves. In addition to upcycled clothes, the channel offers video tutorials on other DIY upcycling projects.

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